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Michael Lohan’s Baby Mama:”You Spanish Whore!”


Michael Lohan’s Baby Mama:”You Spanish Whore!”

Michael Lohan and Kate Major

“This is not a hate crime,” said Michael Lohan, here with baby mama Kate Major (Splash News)

flag-exclusiveThe former tabloid reporter who just delivered troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan‘s half-brother committed a hate crime when she allegedly attacked a Hispanic family last year in Boca Raton.

And Kate Major, the on-again, off-again, oft-rehabbed galpal of Lohan’s dad Michael Lohan, allegedly lobbed nasty racial slurs at the couple and their two children because of their race, according to the lawsuit filed in Palm Beach County.

She is being charged in civil court with a hate crime for calling the family “spics” and the mother a “Spanish whore,” among a slew of racial slurs.

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Ex-Star magazine reporter Major, 30, was arrested in connection with the Jan. 14, 2102 scuffle at her apartment complex’s parking lot. The criminal case for battery, resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication is pending. Her trial on the felony charges is scheduled for May.

Meanwhile, alleged victim Juan Jimenez and Rosario Mendoza want Major to pay in cold hard cash!

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They allege that Major’s rant was a hate crime under Florida statutes. And if Jimenez’ lawyer can prove that Major went after the family because they look Hispanic, they could be awarded higher damages if the civil case gets to a jury.

“This is ridiculous,” Michael Lohan told Gossip Extra. “This was not a hate crime. You’ll see when the case is done what really happened.”

Jimenez’ attorney didn’t return a call for comment.

Major delivered a son Jan. 30. He is the 52-year-old Lohan’s sixth child.

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