PHOTOS: Octomom’s Valentine Night Strip-Tease!

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Single mom of 14 Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, kicked off her three-night stint as stripper and bartender at T’s Lounge on St. Valentine’s night in West Palm Beach.

Suleman, 37, who became world-famous when she delivered octuplets in 2009, stripped to four songs, including Joe Cocker‘s You Can Leave Your Hat on.

House strippers distributed little pink octopuses in the packed South Congress Avenue club as a bouncer stuffed a shower of tips that rained on the stage during Octo’s show.

Click here for last night’s photos: WARNING — MILD NUDITY

“She was really personable behind the bar,” one spywitness said. “She was talking to the patrons and laughing with them.”

Octo returns tonight and tomorrow night for the same routine.

Most observers agreed Suleman has gained weight since the last time she performed in South Florida, over the summer near Hallandale.

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She told The KVJ Show on Wild 95.5 yesterday that she is not feeling well and suffers from the flu.

“That’s how hard I’m trying to take care of my kids,” she told the morning crew.

Suleman, who has no steady paycheck, has been struggling to feed her brood.

The California resident was impregnated with octuplets through artificial insemination.

Octomom Strips

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  1. Ryan Palmsdale says

    I have vomited. Really? This was the woman they were so hot to get into T’s lounge? This looks like PBSO’s Michael Gauger or Van Reeth in a dress.

  2. MsSarcia says

    Octo is a freak show bimbo.
    She should just stay home, raise her kids, and fade into obscurity.
    FYI: I heard through the grapevine that her manager dumped her and I hope it is permanent.

  3. GT says

    Holy HELL. she used to be so obsessed with her weight. Geez now I see why. She’s clearly a bigger frames girl. Her statement that she “bounces back like a rubber band” is really quite hilarious now. When they said she gained weight I thought maybe a couple pounds, but wow she’s a whale. Bet she’s regretting those ass implants now! They are saggy under the bulk of her real huge ass.

  4. Elle says

    It’s great to see a woman with meat on her bones to be so well received in a place that heroine chic is the norm. But come on….this woman’s 15 minutes of fame were chewed and spit out long ago. I think she really had those innocent babies in hopes of using them for fame and a reality show. And since that failed she makes porn and strips instead of getting a job or two to provide for her kids. Don’t get me wrong, if all she did was working in a strip club fine. A lot of moms do that. But it she only appears to do it as a gimmick to make a quick buck. Does she not care that she’s not a good example to her kids? They will grow up either running fast and far from her or become just like her and we will have more “octo” moms looking for the quick and easy way to make money.

  5. Peter Måhlin says

    This should have been written by an US citizen and not by an European – but doesn’t anybody see the tragedy in the situation and the heroism of a single mother? She is doing what very few men would dare, putting herself on display in a sort of celebrity circus sideshow.

    It just goes to show that a mother will do anything to support her children. Instead of calling her body disgusting, consider the fact that the body of every woman will change after childbirth. A man would show off his scars with pride, if he has got then in a war or as a hockey player in the NHL. We should regard the changes in women’s bodies as battle scars from the perpetual fight to maintain the human race on this planet.

    There are about 195 sovereign states on Earth. Only four countries have no national law mandating paid time off for new parents: Liberia, Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, and the United States. But in New Guinea, among the hunter-gatherers in the jungle, the whole tribe will help in supporting a single mother out of traditions thousands of years old.

    If one google the search string [For families with children], the site for the Swedish National Insurance, ‘Försäkringskassan’, the English page, will turn up. (The link is super long, so I didn’t paste it.)

    • BOOMOM22 says

      I think you are very articulate and insightful, but you need to do some research on Nadya Suleman. She is not a hero. Her actions are of a mentally ill narcissist. If you are interested, go to IVF, LIES & Personally I don’t care what she does to make money (she’s been on the public dole nearly her whole adult life) but she spent at least a couple of million in donations she received when the octuplets were born in less than three years and the majority of what she spent was for selfish reasons: extensive plastic surgery, expensive clothes and $300 sunglasses, while the kids were in rags, lived in filth, and were badly neglected. This is all documented. And she does not need to do this kind of work anyway, she gets a lot of government assistance. She could stay home and take care of the kids, but she has an unsatiable quest for stardom and celebrity. It is really pathetic.

  6. CWO3USNRET says

    To be extremely rude not even with a full body condom. Nothing I saw in the two photos would get me to put money in her wasteband.