Octomom in WPB: The Flu Can’t Stop Strip-Tease!

Octomom Nadya Suleman turns to stripping for cash

Flu or not, Octomom Nadya Suleman is set for her three-night stripping stint in West Palm Beach (Special to Gossip Extra)

flag-OMGOctomom‘s weekend gig as a stripper and bartender at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach starts tonight — but no matter how hot you think she is, take this advice from Gossip Extra: Don’t get too close!

Octo, aka mom of 14 Nadya Suleman, is suffering from a nasty case of the flu!

So, not only will she shed her clothes on the stage of the bosom bazaar, she’ll also be spreading her . . . germs!

UPDATE: Click here for the exclusive photos of her show — WARNING: Some nudity

The woman who gave birth to eight babies in one sitting in 2009 was just on the KVJ Show on Wild 95.5 to hawk her appearance at the gentlemen’s club.

Click here to listen to the interview

When asked why she would perform while sick, Suleman said: “That’s how hard I’m trying to take care of my kids!”

“Do you have diarrhea, too,” co-host Jason asked her.

She doesn’t, thank God.

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She’ll also tend bar as part of her contract, but those who want beer may have to wait: “I don’t know how to open a beer bottle,” Suleman said.

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  1. Meowfuk says

    She doesn’t know how to open a beer bottle? Nope, but she sure does know how to screw off a top of vodka!

    If she’s soooo sick, what the heck was she doing out with her daughter getting McDonald’s fast food (on your welfare dime).

  2. MsSarcia says

    The flu?

    She is SLURRING her words big time.
    She is drunk and/or drugged to the eyeballs.
    I would guess drunk as a skunk.

  3. donex3 says

    thought the Paris Match article (it’s unfortunately only in French) where while she was busy telling the interviewers how much she adored cooking in her new kitchen, someone checked out the fridge and found that this creature responsible for feeding 14 kids ( and who gets thousands a month in food stamps) had nothing in the fridge but soda bottles. Nothing at all, according to the interview. She had ordered in 6 Little Caesar’s large pizzas and also had them delivering a lot of bottled water. I guess in honor of her French interview.
    Does LC take food stamps?
    Also she told them that the 8 were in the highest percentile of size for their age group. I call bulloney. Oh, and the current nanminder is called Rachel. Who dat?