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Palm Beach International Airport Plagued by Stinky Feet


Palm Beach International Airport Plagued by Stinky Feet

Palm Beach International Airport

More than 5 million passengers, and a few dogs, step on the gray carpets at Palm Beach International Airport each year (Courtesy PBIA)

flag-exclusiveThere’s something stinky at Palm Beach International Airport, gateway to one of the country’s fanciest towns.

The stench is being described as a cross between a pack of wet dogs and sneakers worn without socks over a full summer.

ugly_feet“It’s overwhelming,” said one frequent airport user who alerted Gossip Extra about the problem. “It smells like a health hazard.”

The foul odors, I’m told, are wafting from the carpeted areas at the TSA checkpoint.

That’s where thousands of passengers a day take off their shoes to be searched for bombs and toothpaste.

And this being Florida, bare feet are sweaty — and the gray carpets obviously capture moisture from clean and dirty feet, and a few dogs, too.

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Here’s the result, a genuine complaint emailed to the airport by an anonymous passenger Friday:

Comments: The carpet in the security areas smell like dirty feet.  It’s disgusting.  If it reeks, it means there are millions of germs milling around.  Please clean your carpets or replace with tile.

Actually, said airport spokeswoman Sandy Davis, maintenance crews cleaned the carpeting by the security checkpoint Monday.

Thing is: The cleaning happens just once a month!

“We have the carpet cleaned once a month,” Davis said. “We don’t get a lot of complaints about smelly carpets but we got one Friday. I guess some people’s noses could be more sensitive.”

However, it’s not the first time that noses are greeted by foul foot odors in the airport.

Three years ago, TSA officials complained about it. The carpet was replaced.

Now, said Davis, there are plans to take out the carpets and replace them with tiles by the end of the summer.

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