Marco Rubio: I Still Live in da ‘Hood — Sorta!

Marco Rubio at Dolphins Game

Marco Rubio (right) roughing it working-class style at a Dolphins game with team billionaire owner Stephen Ross and developer Jorge Perez (left)

flag-breaking-newsThere’s something that U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio should’ve left alone while delivering his rebuttal to President Barack Obama‘s State of the Union address last night.

In addition to his bottle of water, or course.

Rubio mentioned still living in the West Miami “working-class” neighborhood where he grew up.

Quick, get a fact-checker: As Gossip Extra reported two weeks ago, Rubio is selling the house in the alleged working-class neighborhood of El Retiro.

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The humble rock pile is up for sale for $675,000!

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BTW, Rubio’s selling is so that he can move to a working-class neighborhood of Washington, D.C.!

Marco Rubio's House

Working-class house? Marco Rubio’s home is on the market for $675,000! (Click on the photo for the tour)

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  1. becca says

    This complete stretch of the truth, will be his downfull. It was a blatant LIE, which he casually said on NATIONAL TELEVISION. What does that say about how little he thinks of, and respects, the voters? Compare to ROMNEY’S 12 MILLION DOLLAR TEAR DOWN IN CA., a $675,000 home is ghetto, though. So, by the REPUBLICAN class standards, it is realistic. Yeah, real man of the people, real party of the RICH people. He so badly wants to be rich, rich, rich.

  2. Toni Anderson says

    And, he probably paid for it with the Republican Committee credit card that he bought everything else with until the Miami Herald and Tampa Tribrune found out about it. Rubio thinks everyone else is stupid and he is oh so smart! That’s how he got caught lying about how and why his parents came from Cuba. Rubio is a sleaze.

  3. Andy says

    The title of the first article that is linked to this Gossip Extra post : “Sen. Marco Rubio’s $675,000 ‘working class’ home.”

    What Rubio actually said in SOTU response (which even this article points out):

    “Mr. President, I still live in the same working class neighborhood I grew up in. My neighbors aren’t millionaires. They’re retirees who depend on Social Security and Medicare. They’re workers who have to get up early tomorrow morning and go to work to pay the bills. They’re immigrants, who came here because they were stuck in poverty in countries where the government dominated the economy.”

    Maybe the “journalists” at the Herald and the barely literate editors at “Gossip Extra” can help me out with this, but NOWHERE in what Rubio said does he say he lives in a “working class home.” He just mentions his neighborhood.

    Conclusion: the Herald article – and this Gossip Extra post – are a smear. They’re fabricating a topic out of nothing, by trying to paint Rubio as a hypocrite for saying something he never said; i.e. that he lives in a working class home.

    I think all of you at the Gossip Extra, The Miami Herald and your lefty friends in the media need to renew your membership in Pravda’s summer camp training courses in Propaganda, ’cause your attempts to undermine the President’s opponents are getting more glaringly obvious and weak by the day.

    Oh, and here’s a little data about Rubio’s neighborhood, if you’re still not convinced (or want to deny) that it can qualify as working class:

    In case you’re too lazy to click on those links, I’ll sum up some of their data for you:

    Average West Miami household income: $34,000/year

    Average West Miami home value: $202,000

    And if you want to get more specific, and look at his zip code, here you go:

    Average home value for 33144: $186,000.

    It seems you liberals don’t like to read, or do your research.

    • Dan says

      That actually hurts your argument. West Miami is a very broad area. It is generally better off than most of the rest of Miami proper, and in Rubio’s own neighborhood, houses are selling for 400k, 500k, 600k and up. Which dwarfs the rest of West Miami.

      And his house has over 7,000 square feet! So it’s a bit misleading for him to talk about his “working class” background when he lives in a 7,000 square foot house with a pool and is on the market for $675k

    • MiamiNice57 says


      Rubio’s home $675,000
      average -$202,000

      I could buy three very nice homes in Miami for $675K in a working neighborhood before the bust.
      I’ve been ling in Miami for the past 43 years.

      Independent, He has was less than ethical with my Moms case. I’ll be happy to share with anyone. It’s public record.

  4. says

    So, to be honest, and not a Lying Chupacabra like he actually is….Estupido Rubio would have said, “I own a million and half dollar home (before the boom caused by my backers) in a working class neighborhood.” And he could have added, “I actually grew up in Las Vegas while mi padre paid off his debts to the familia.”

  5. Keith Brekhus says

    Marco Rubio’s home at 675K is worth nearly four times the average median home value in Florida (179K), and he bought it in 2005 (He didn’t exactly grow up there). It is a stretch to call that working class, and no just because other parts of West Miami or other parts of the Zip Code have more modest homes, doesn’t mean Marco Rubio’s neighborhood is working class. I have lived in Zip codes that have included public housing projects before but just because I lived four blocks away didn’t mean I was living in a poor or working class neighborhood.

  6. Keith Brekhus says

    And a Bird’s eye view of the neighborhood shows some pretty nice homes and swimming pools on Rubio’s little cul-de-sac. All of those homes look less than thirty years old. I don’t think Rubio grew up in that neighborhood.