Dan Marino Scandal: Wife Claire Knew About Child!

flag-exclusiveClaire Marino, the wife of Miami Dolphins great Dan Marino, has known about the baller’s love child since the little girl’s birth in 2005, according to a confidante of Claire’s.

Dan and Claire Marino

Dan and Claire Marino, Saturday at the Walkabout Autism 2013 at Sun Life Stadium (Dan Marino Foundation)

It’s another Gossip Extra exclusive: The record-breaking quarterback fessed up to his wife about his indiscretion and the birth of Chloe, and the couple worked through the difficulties after agreeing to keep it quiet!

“It was sorta something that was known in Dan’s entourage,” said the source, who asked that her name not be used.

“Naturally, Claire wasn’t happy when he told her. But they’ve been together for so long they got through it.

“They were each other’s first. That’s not something you forget. They figured it’d be best to keep the whole thing quiet.”

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The scandal broke yesterday with a front page story in the New York Post exposing Marino’s dalliance with Donna Savattere, a production assistant on CBS Sports’ The NFL Today.

Marino co-hosts the weekly program with the likes of James Brown, Shannon Sharpe and Boomer Esiason.

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Claire and Dan, who have four natural and two adopted children together in 28 years of marriage, looked lovey dovey on Saturday when they hosted the annual Autism Walkabout, a fundraiser for autism research at Sun Life Stadium.

They appeared before 25,000 supporters hand in hand.

At one point, Dan placed his arm around Claire as they waved to the crowd.

“They were the same they’ve always been,” the source said. “If Dan knew the story was about to be released, he sure hid it well.”

The Marinos are not addressing the scandal beyond a statement put out by Dan about his taking his responsibilities.

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  1. Tina says

    People need to let go.. it happend his wife forgave him so do the public.. this matter is between Dan, his wife and GOD.. he is a human being….

    • Bob says

      These people who keep on about what is none of there business, should be concerned about their own life and take a good look at themselves…………

  2. Joe says

    Let Mr. Marino be.
    Most important, he told his wife, and she forgave him.
    Marino’s a class guy.
    He made a mistake and handled it privately.
    It should have no negative effect on all his great work or anything he does in the future.