CBS12’s Al Pefley Mistaken For Peeping Tom

Al Pefley

CBS 12 reporter Al Pefley (via Facebook)

flag-exclusiveA WPEC-Channel 12 reporter and his photographer were mistaken for peeping Toms in a darkened western Palm Beach County neighborhood — and chased by a gun-wielding homeowner!

Veteran CBS 12 general assignment reporter Al Pefley and cameraman Dana Szpunar complained about the incident to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies who responded to the scene.

Jeffrey Eassa

Jeffrey Eassa (Courtesy Palm Beach County Schools)

Their report was referred to State Attorney Dave Aronberg‘s office for review although charges are unlikely.

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According to the complaint obtained exclusively by Gossip Extra, Pefley, 53, and Szpunar, 31, were trying to interview residents in the Acreage area on edge about a serial peeping Tom when the incident occurred about 9 p.m. Jan. 17.

Pefley, who wore dark clothes, had been knocking on doors to find residents willing to be interviewed when he arrived at Jeffrey Eassa‘s property. Eassa, 47, is a former principal at Acreage Pines Elementary.

Pefley admitted that the gate to Eassa’s driveway was padlocked, but the door to the walkway wasn’t. So Pefley and Szpunar, camera on his shoulder, walked up the house.

They startled Eassa, who was packing his car in the driveway.

“Get the f… off my property, that’s how people get shot,” Eassa told the men as he ran inside the house.

He came out with a handgun and, according to Pefley’s statement to PBSO, followed the men to the property line at gunpoint as a woman in the doorway of the house yelled: “Jeffrey, get back here!”

Eassa told cops he didn’t know Pefley and Szpunar were with Channel 12 and, in the dark, he didn’t know that Szpunar was holding a camera. He did tell the deputies folks in the neighborhood are nervous because of a man who’s been peeking at children and women through lit windows.

PBSO is still on the hunt for the perp.

Eassa’s gun, meanwhile, was identified by deputies at a Taurus 9 mm that Eassa owned legally.

According to the report, deputies “educated” the newsmen about Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law before they were sent on their way.

Neither Pefley nor the homeowner returned calls for comment.

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  1. Barbara says

    Al Pelfey could quite possibly be mistaken for a Peeping Tom in broad daylight! What a creepy thing he and his camera man did. Had they been shot, they’d have had themselves to blame and lodging a complaint with the PBSO against the homeowner is ludicrous.

    WPEC-Channel 12 may want to re-evaluate the assignments they give to their reporters. This was just plain stupid.

  2. Toni says

    Well not sure who was stupider, Pefley and the photographer or the former principal Jeffrey Eassa. Talk about over-reacting, how did Eassa manage to be a principal at an elementary school all those years. Pefley and the photographer should be more careful about entering private property especially out in redneck heaven and Eassa should learn more self control.

  3. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    I dont know what is more sad, that the guy is packing a POS Taurus 9 MM or that the “deputies” are educating people on the SYG law. Most deputies are challenged just to read at the 12th grade level, let alone pontificate about complex civil law.