Vanilla Ice Sued Over Contractor’s Bills, Settles Quickly!

Vanilla Ice

Ooops! Vanilla Ice sued over unpaid bills for work on a Wellington house on Season 2 of The Vanilla Ice Project (Splash News)

flag-exclusiveWellington rapper-turned-TV-home-improvement-guru Vanilla Ice was sued by a contractor who worked on his show’s Season 2 as Ice promoted the hell out of Season 3, which premiered Sunday!

It’s another Gossip Extra exclusive: The singer was accused of not paying fully the electrical contractor who revamped the house in the previous season of the DYI’s The Vanilla Ice Project.

Within days of the Jan. 8 filing, however, Ice Ice Baby himself walked into the offices of contractor Proton Electric in Lantana and gave company officials a check for the missing $14,496.03!

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“He did a very honorable thing,” said Proton lawyer Phil Valente. “It doesn’t happen often that someone does this. There was some misunderstanding about the bill but he took care of it.”

According to Palm Beach County records, Proton claimed its employees wired up the house, pool, landscape and a giant chandelier while Ice and his merry men worked on the Season 2 home near the Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame in Wellington.

In the end, Proton charged $22,496.03 but hadn’t been able to recoup the entire amount — until Jan. 23.

Usually, the rapper — whose real name is Rob Van Winkle — gets contractors and equipment at deep discount because of the exposure on the show.

Said Van Winkle: “I was traveling and they couldn’t get a hold of me. I paid as soon as I got home. We shook hands, and we’re still friends. Actually, they’re working on my next project.”

The current season of The Vanilla Ice Project, btw, is already the small cable network’s No. 1 show.

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  1. Not Nice, Nice Baby says

    Jose, There are many bigger problems with that show and Rob. There is a reason why smart contractors do not go back to do a second season with him. He over promises and under delivers. First, he is NOT a contractor in Florida and could not pull a permit. Not that he or Departure Films cares about permits. Most of the work is done terribly but looks passable on tv. He and his clown posse demoed the third season house with no permits and the way they did it could not be more dangerous. Someone is going to get seriously hurt on his project. I am amazed how, if you put a camera on a project, you can work without workers compensation insurance or liability insurance. Someone needs to stop these types of contractor wannabes.

  2. Not Nice, Nice Baby says

    BTW, none of his houses are anywhere near Palm Beach like it infers on the show. 1st season was in Versailles and the next 2 seasons were in Legend Lakes off of Lake Worth Road near State Road 7

  3. says

    I watch all of these episodes. They are very good and very talented. Love, love love to watch them turn a mess into a master piece. Extremely talented. Ice and his team deserves a huge pat on their backs.

  4. jim says

    I’ve did many residential and commercial projects and think Rob does a great job compared to 95% of the contractors out there. Seriously leave this guy alone, he does a pretty good job and is passionate about his work

  5. wafflehead fred says

    He is the property owner, not a contractor, therein lies the difference. He can boss his minions around all day long, and change things on a whim. He gets to do that, because it’s HIS vision. At least he has the guts to roll up his sleeves and get down and dirty. I buy houses and renovate them myself, and I would kill to have his budget, and have a network pay the bill.