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Bankrupt Casey Anthony Relaxes on The Beach!


Bankrupt Casey Anthony Relaxes on The Beach!

Casey Anthony

This new photo of Casey Anthony on a Florida beach was obtained by former Orlando TV reporter Adam Longo, who now works for Phoenix, Ariz., station KPHO-Channel 5 (Courtesy KPHO)

flag-breaking-newsNew photos of accused child killer Casey Anthony show her chilling comfortably on a beach believed to be in Florida.

And in a pose that’s sure to anger further those who believe she killed her daughter, Anthony doesn’t look too worried about her recent bankruptcy filing!

The photos were purportedly released by Anthony herself to television reporter Adam Longo, who moved to KPHO in Phoenix from Orlando last year after covering Anthony’s not guilty verdict in the killing of daughter Kaylee.

Was that Casey Anthony in a Lake Worth restaurant?

Longo also spoke to Anthony by telephone about her filing for bankruptcy Friday in a federal court in Orlando.

Her paperwork shows she owes $792,000 in legal bills, income taxes and investigative costs. Her assets: $1,100!

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“This (the bankruptcy filing) is the next step toward closure for me,” Anthony told Longo.

According to the federal court papers, Anthony is living in Florida. She gave her parents’ address as hers despite the fact she does not stay there.

Anthony has been spotted in the Stuart and West Palm Beach areas over the past year but has mostly gone underground since the verdict.

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