Realtor Chappy Adams Killed in Early AM Car Crash

Chappy and Bud Adams

Chappy Adams (left) with dad Bud Adams, founder of Illustrated Properties (Courtesy Illustrated Properties)

flag-exclusiveGossip Extra has learned that high-profile Realtor Chappy Adams died in the car crash that shut down PGA Boulevard early today in Palm Beach Gardens, according to several real estate sources.

Adams, 48, whose real name was Francis, was the father of a little girl.

The death rocked the real estate world this morning.

While at-times troubled, Adams was well-liked as president of the mega real estate company Illustrated Properties.

The company was started by his dad, Bud Adams. But under Chappy, it grew to one of the largest firms in the state — even when the real estate bubble burst!

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According to preliminary information from FHP, Chappy exited I-95 at PGA Boulevard about 4 a.m. but somehow ended up down the grassy area of the ramp.

His silver Mercedes then went airborne on a concrete berm, said FHP Spokesman Lt. Tim Frith, and into a tree. Adams owned a property a few miles east from the site of the wreck, in North Palm Beach.

UPDATE: We lost our beloved Chappy!

Frith said there was no alcohol in the car and rescuers didn’t smell liquor on Adams. Still, an autopsy and toxicology report was ordered.

“The victim was not wearing a seat belt,” Frith said.

UPDATE: Chappy Adams Led a Gilded, Troubled Life

According to his biography on the Illustrated website, Chappy graduated from the Benjamin School then Boston College in 1987.

He officially joined Illustrated Properties upon graduation, and started as a commercial leasing agent.

UPDATE: Funeral arrangements for Chappy Adams

During his seven years in residential sales, he sold dozens of multi-million homes then moved to management.

Chappy oversaw Illustrated’s 20 offices statewide and 550 agents.

Several friends of the Realtor’s asked for time before they commented.

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  1. Sad says

    I knew this guy as an aquaintance. Really sad especially considering all the personal challenges he’s faced. Thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  2. says

    45-ish years old… Booze may not have been a factor, but drugs most certainly were… Up that early on the way home, he wasn’t getting milk! Sad end.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      Guys, keep it clean. there’s toxicology studies underway. It’ll take six weeks for results. Let’s reserve judgment until then.

      • love you Jose says

        Very classy reply Jose. That’s why I love you!!! No matter what happened, a life was cut short and people need to remember that there, but for fortune, go you or I.

      • tim murphy says

        better yet Lambiet, why don’t you step it up a notch and not reserve judgement who are we to judge?
        Here is a fresh concept for the media representatives……..COMPASSION !!!!

        • Jose Lambiet says

          Sorry, Tim. This was a major car accident, and it could have been much worse if traffic had been heavier. FHP ordered toxicology, not me. However, having seen my parents lose my brother in similar circumstances, I do feel terribly for Bud and his family. No one deserves to go through this with a son or daughter, no matter what.

          • tim murphy says

            True and the deeper story is that this is the third and final child they will bury all three stories tragic. I only wish that news reporting on every story of this nature was approached as if it the reporter had a personal relationship with the victims.

      • Lynn says

        I agree Jose…..lets not jump to conclusions…..Chappy was a very well liked gentleman and will be missed by so many….my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

    • Kristine says

      To know Chappy was to love him. A great spirit and a sweet soul. Keep negative comments in your own closet…

  3. Janet says

    Condolences for family and co-workers. He will be missed by all. I have children his age and knew his dad back in the day. My heart breaks for anyone losing a child regardless of age or circumstances. Thank you Jose for your reporting…..

  4. Victor DeFrisco says

    A real gentlemen. When I was about to move my Exit Realty office into their space where his Lake Worth Office was he couldn’t have been nicer. Saw him at many Realtor functions and he was always happy and friendly. Didn’t know him very well but he was just a real nice guy.

    My deepest Sympathy, he will be missed in the Realtor Community and by his family and friends.

  5. Gary says

    I look for your reports concerning. the
    Missteps and salacious news of
    Palm Beach
    The reporting of this tragedy by you
    seems a bit premature given your
    Usual story’s .
    I understand why some would prefer
    you did not report this at all until
    toxicology reports were made public
    The very fact that you report that
    you have mentioned it will lead many
    to presume the worst

    • Jose Lambiet says

      Sorry, Gary, as a professional reporter, I will continue reporting this story.

      Chappy was in many functions in Palm Beach, and he’s been part of the community that I cover for 48 years.

      If the Palm Beach Post did its job, I could concentrate on other things. But I feel I owe it to the people of this area to report on this.

      Since it took the Post three hours after my story and nine hours after the accident to finally put on their website that Chappy died, and since Illustrated is the Post’s biggest advertiser, you can’t count on them for much more.

    • PKelley says

      Are you kidding me “Gary”? How absolutely tasteless can you be – this is not the proper forum! Chappy was a piece of PBC and a good person – take your comments elsewhere.

  6. Debra Stanton says

    Chappy was a gentleman, a great businness man, & a moral man.
    He inspired me to be great at my job as a former Realtor with Illustrated Properties.
    He was always available to me & helped me negogiate many sales.
    He was also a friend.
    I am extremely disturbed & saddened & shocked to hear about this unfornuate accident.
    Jose, I used to be the non profit account executive at the Palm Beach Post back in 2008 -2009. I always ran into Chappy out & about in Palm Beach etc..
    What a handsome man he was & I pray he shines in the heavens above….
    Jose, please let me know when the funeral will take place & where as I would like to pay my respects. Thank you, Debra

      • Debra Stanton says

        Hi Jose,
        I wonder where was Chappy coming from at 4 am??
        Who was he with right before the accident??
        Something is not right as it is too odd ….

        I found out the funeral is at Howard Price Funeral Home this Wed 4-8pm

        Debra Stanton

  7. jimbo says

    When the facts come out, I think we will be thankful that the selfish acts of one didnt ruin the lives of others on the road this “early morning”.

  8. jimbo says

    The troubled past comments are amusing though …. Benjamin school Boston Vollege …. classic … sounds like another story of entitlement coupled with zero discipline.

    • Trish Wegman says

      I find it disgusting that you find comments about a troubled past amusing. Your ignorance is further demonstrated in your comment about entitlement. You obviously did not know Chappy. Thankfully there are plenty of us out there who did.

  9. MIa says

    Chappy was always a gentleman with a wonderful demeanor,and greatest personality . …
    He was always upbeat and never judged or spoke badly of anyone.. It is so heartbreaking and painful to hear the news of this tragic death he was too young . I pray he is with God and did not suffer . I will miss your smile Chappy )) :

  10. Bliss Bird says

    Up here in the Somerset Hills of New Jersey, my mother always said, “Once you’ve used the words “class” or “taste,” you’ve lost them” ….. but in PB I guess I’d have to run that past Shannon D.

  11. LeAnna says

    My heart is breaking for Bud. Bud and Chappy were two of the nicest men I have ever met. They were so friendly and approachable. I can’t believe this is the 3rd child they have lost. How did they lose the other two? My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family. A little beautiful girl will no longer have her father. Just heartbreaking.

  12. says

    Our prayers go out to Chappys daughter, his dad and the Adams family. Our thoughts and the thoughts of all of us at Keller Williams Realty are with them all.

  13. HEAVY HEART says

    Jose has said nothing bad about Chappy. unfortunately all of Chappy’s mishaps were public record and they had nothing to do with being a child of priveledge. He was a very hard worker and did not have anything handed to him like someone above stated. I know Chappy had his demons, but we all do rich or poor. Instead of yelling at Jose and focusing on the things Chappy did years ago, lets pray for Chappy’s daughter and the mother of his child Diana. Diana had to make all the aragements and break the news to their daughter about her fathers passing. Diana still loved Chappy very much and he loved her as well….this is FACT!