LeBron James Working on Mama Drama Control

flag-exclusive It’s all about looking good — even when humiliated!

Nearly a week after agreeing to pay off a valet pimp-slapped by his mother, Miami Heat star LeBron James and his entourage are still trying to craft a statement for the press about the settlement, Gossip Extra has learned.

LeBron and Gloria James

Mama drama: LeBron and Gloria James (Special to Gossip Extra)

“The settlement should’ve been filed by now,” a legal insider said, “but there’s a hold up. His lawyers are going back and forth with LeBron’s publicity people.

“They don’t want to make LeBron or his mom look bad, but the fact is that they settled with a valet — and of course LeBron’s paying the bills. How do you explain that in a statement that sounds positive?”

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It was another Gossip Extra exclusive: Gloria James, the baller’s mom, agreed last week to pay off former Fontainebleau Miami Beach valet Rock Feller Sorel for slapping him.

And the Miami-Dade County judge assigned to the case was notified that the parties came to terms, avoiding a potentially embarrassing trial.

Since then, silence from all sides!

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The 44-year-old Gloria was drunk early one morning in February 2011 when she went after Sorel because he wasn’t returned her car fast enough.

Details of the settlement, including the amount of money that’s being paid, are being kept under wraps.

Neither James’ two lawyers nor Sorel’s commented.

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