Heater Shane Battier’s Crib: Class, Peace and Showers

Miami Heat star Shane Battier's house in Coconut Grove

Miami Heat star Shane Battier plunked down $1.52 million on this Coconut Grove house (Click on the photo for the grand tour)

flag-ultra-localSo, where is the Miami Heat star considered the team’s smartest player putting down his roots?

Shane Battier

Shane Battier (Special to Gossip Extra)

Well, check out the classy nest that sharp-shooter Shane Battier, 34, and his high school sweetheart wife Heidi have been calling home for the past few months!

The couple bought this 4,300-square-foot four-bedroomer right after the Heat’s big NBA Championship win. It’s in the Bonita Park section of Coconut Grove.

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The $1.52 million digs don’t have an elevator to the second floor and the sweeping water views of homes owned by, say, teammates LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

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But it does exude peace and tranquility — and it must make dollars and sense. Battier, after all, was picked 7th smartest athlete in a poll by Sporting News and he lists economics as one of his areas of expertise.

And how about those showers (below)? Just enough room for two people — and a peeping Tom in the yard.

Miami Heater Shane Battier's house in Coconut Grove

Wanna see hunky Shane Battier in the buff? Just stand underneath the second-floor shower windows (Click on the photo for the grand tour)

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