Real Estate Heir Gets Probation in Domestic Spat

Matthew Reibling mugshot

Young Palm Beach society’s Matthew Reibling, sentenced to probation in domestic violence incident (Courtesy PBSO)

flag-ultra-localIt was a Palm Beach young society lover’s spat — and it ended up in criminal court.

Real estate empire heir Matthew Reibling was sentenced to probation and anger management counseling after pleading guilty to battery this month.

He was accused of roughing up young society stalwart Victoria Racanati on a West Palm Beach street in November.

Matthew Reibling and Victoria Racanati

Reibling and ex-galpal Victoria Racanati, in better times (via Facebook)

Reibling, 27, was nabbed Nov. 15 after an incident at the late-night takeout window at the Havana restaurant on South Dixie Highway.

Reibling’s dad and uncle run Taurus Investments Holdings, a real estate developer that specializes in major projects such as malls and hotels worldwide. Matthew represents the company in South Florida.

Racanati, 27, is the daughter of Jupiter multi-millionaire Phyllis Tobias, the widow of former CNBC analyst  and Wall Street big Seth Tobias.

The latter died while swimming in the backyard of his Jupiter mansion five years ago.

And Racanati was to star in a reality television series set in Palm Beach that never was picked up for broadcasting.

According to court records, meanwhile, the two then-lovers were arguing over Reibling being drunk and wanting to drive home.

He allegedly took Racanati’s iPhone and flung it to the ground — then got his hand on Racanati and pushed her to the ground, scraping her knees and hands.

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There were folks waiting by the window for their food, including an off-duty Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy, who forced Reibling to stop and called 911.

Racanati told cops Reibling threatened to “firebomb” her apartment if she complained about the incident.

Racanati also obtained an injunction against Reibling that orders him to stay away from her.

“We just had to protect her from Mr. Reibling,” said Anthony Barbuto, Racanati’s lawyer.

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  1. TIDE ferrari racing,farah donnard. says

    Must be TEST TUBE babies, SPARE the ROD spoil the CHILD ! save old palm beach, Miami Marine Stadium.

  2. R Grow says

    I heard she has returned to her former boyfriend, Omar Ahmad, the owner of an international fast casual Mediterranean food chain.

  3. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    How about these people get , you know, like jobs or something ? amazing what having to be at work at 9:00 am can do for your self worth.

  4. Admirer says

    I would put my hand on her too for all other reasons. She is smokin and way too hot for that guy! he sounds like a loser.

  5. says

    I work at a restaurant frequented by the said, Omar Ahmad, he is a very generous tipper and just an all around great guy. I enjoy servicing you Mr. Ahmad. :)

  6. Natalia says

    This truly saddens me to read this article with so little truth and the attempt to slander such a good man. I’ve known Matthew personally for many years and do not believe a single word of these allegations. He is a polite man, by far one of the most outstanding citizens I have ever met, compassionate and consistently going out of his way for others, a true sweetheart. Mathew is a man of deep respect for others, on the contrary it is astonishing and a shame someone would resort to saying such things out of spite. Why someone would want to exploit this person is unconscionable and is the action of a true coward. I hope he doesn’t see this; he is too good of a person to deserve such awful treatment. Anyone who knows Matthew would never believe these misrepresentations for he is nothing but a true gentleman.

    • JP says

      Natalia, I personally know both parties. Not taking sides but the police report, arrest and court records are all public record in which nothing can be misrepresented. The police can not go and arrest someone without reason and notice they arrested him days after the incident occurred which shows they must have found reason to enforce the arrest. It went to court so Reibling had the opportunity to prove his innocence and not plead guilty. The state of Florida takes these matters seriously and Racanati would not have been able to obtain an injunction of order for him to stay away without proper proof, not heresy, that he is capable of harm. I understand he is a friend of yours and he does have some redeeming qualities. However, maybe you should do your research in the facts before you call these truths “allegations”, rather than speak so highly of a friend just to be a protective friend.

    • Sarah says

      He is an alcoholic and no relationship can endure addictions . Rather then defend him with lies and enabling him, you and his family and true friends should get him the therapy he needs. and not bring people into his sickness !!!

  7. MG says

    Even with all the bad blood that is among this breakup- I always wanted the best for Victoria and wish her success and happiness. Hopefully there can be some peace soon and not so much anger and resentment.