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PB Gossiper: All That Glitters Isn’t Always Shiny!


PB Gossiper: All That Glitters Isn’t Always Shiny!

Shannon Donnelly's new condo

Portofino South, where Shiny Sheet gossip Shannon Donnelly just bought her first condo locally (Special to Gossip Extra)

flag-exclusiveShe was never able to buy property among Palm Beach’s richie rich, but now she can look at them from across the moat, I mean, the Intracoastal.

Shannon Donnelly

Shannon Donnelly (Special to Gossip Extra)

Shannon Donnelly, the long-time society columnist for the Palm Beach Daily News, has bought her first property after more than 20 years in the area.

According to records, the perennial gala head-table guest plunked down $112,500 for a 1,000-square-foot, one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo on the seventh floor of the aging Portofino South in West Palm Beach.

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It’s far cry from the $12.2 million-, 20,000-square-foot mansions that those who fear her columns in the so-called Shiny Sheet inhabit.

But the 58-year-old Donnelly now has a place she can really call home.

Shannon Donnelly facelift

This facelift allegedly gone awry may have contributed to Donnelly being able to buy her first property here (Special to Gossip Extra)

And she must’ve come into some money recently.

Records show Donnelly put down $28,125 on the condo, and mortgaged $84,375.

Earlier this year, she settled a lawsuit against a plastic surgeon she called “a butcher.”

After undergoing what was supposed to be a relatively simple procedure to make her face look younger, Donnelly ended up in the emergency room with near fatal internal bleeding.

Click here for more photos of Donnelly’s injuries

The details of the settlement, reached in February, were not made public.

Then in July, Donnelly’s 76-year-old husband died in Newport, R.I.

She did not reply to an email asking for comment about her purchase.

Shannon Donnelly's living room

It’s not likely that Shiny Sheet gossiper Shannon Donnelly would have Donald Trump over for dinner in her new condo any time soon! (Courtesy MLS listings)

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