RHOM Star’s Son: No Jail in Hobo Beating!

Peter Rosello

Peter Rosello, son of RHOM’s Alexia Echevarria, will not serve time in jail — with the blessing of the homeless man he allegedly abused! (via Facebook)

flag-exclusiveThe son of The Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria, who outraged the nation when a video of him abusing of a homeless man who was sound asleep ended up on Facebook, will likely NOT serve time in jail.

And he can thank his victim for that!

Gossip Extra has learned that 20-year-old Peter Rosello, an occasional guest on the Bravo series and a runway model, entered a pre-trial diversion program last month as he faced a felony battery conviction.

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If he completes the six-month program designed to keep first-time offenders out of the system, his case will be dismissed and record sealed, said Miami-Dade County State Attorney Spokesman Ed Griffith.

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Among the program’s conditions, Rosello must: write a letter of apology to the man he hit in the groin as he slept peacefully Oct. 3 on a South Beach street; perform 100 hours of community service in a homeless shelter; contribute $1,000 to the victims assistance fund; complete a class on social values; and pay the yet-to-be-determined investigative costs.

Griffith said the deal was reached with the agreement of the victim, 62-year-old hobo Gary Lee Brown.

“The resolution was reached after consultation with the victim in this case,” Griffith said.

Rosello is the stepson of politically-connected lobbyist Herman Echevarria, but Griffith says the suspect did not benefit from special treatment.

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“He (Rosello) was eligible for the diversion program as a first-time offender,” Griffith said. “This is the typical resolution that our office proposes.”

Said Richard Sharpstein, Rosello’s attorney: “He’s young, and he made a foolish mistake. He’s going to pay for it in kind.”

Once they were made aware of the video of what Rosello called a “nut-checking” appeared on the web, Miami Beach Police interviewed dozens of homeless people until their tracked down Brown to interview him about the incident.

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  1. YQue says

    Along with the hundred hours of community service at the homeless shelter, have the bums line up on their way to lunch and each of them gives the little punk a “nut check”.

    See if he laughs as hard as when he’s on the receiving end.

  2. Mimi says

    This is exactly what happened to the Newtown shooter. I just read his posts under another name about his diversionary sentence five years ago for bringing a knife to school and they labeled him a threat after seizing his notebooks with writings about the Virginia Tech shootings. Now, he has no record, no probation looking after him and everyone wonders “what happened”? And the father is in shock. Please…the writings show that five years ago he told his son that he was going to be a killer and threatened to kill him himself. Yet, these parents take no meaningful responsibility and step in to keep the government from taking steps to curb this behavior. This will not get better with coddling him. If you watch the show, he was scary the way he talked to his own mother, blaming her and not taking responsibility for him eating before and interview where he ended up having to take off his shirt. If he were my child, I would have let the public defender work out a plan and later helped the homeless man when it wouldn’t count towards the offender’s deal.

  3. elchino says

    where did you read that about the newton shooter? i would love to see this for myself. i am sure a lot of people knew the shooter in newton was f-uped long ago.

  4. martel says

    what would anyone expect with a step-father who buy boys & keep this kids mother as a beard. His biological father is a drug kingpin/thug/vermin what would anyone expect this kid to turn out like. Dont get me started on his classless trash of a mother. This isn’t the last of this kids legal woes.