Roberto Cavalli to Open Private Club in SoFla

Roberto Cavalli and Sharon Stone

Couturier Roberto Cavalli, here with actress Sharon Stone, is planning to open a nightclub/lounge in Miami Beach before the end of next year (Splash News)

flag-exclusiveRoberto Cavalli is selling Danny DeVito stuff.


Furniture, appliances and kitchen equipment from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star DeVito’s shuttered up restaurant in Miami Beach is being sold off piece by piece on Craig’s List.

Danny DeVito in front of his now-closed Miami Beach resaurant

Danny DeVito, in front of his now-closed restaurant on Ocean Drive (Splash News)

By Cavalli’s people!

The latest to go were 20 beautiful dining tables topped with carrara marble — sold for $5,000!

What does that have to do with famed Italian jeans sand-blaster Cavalli?

The old DeVito South Beach, at 150 Ocean Drive, is being emptied to make way for a new project — a private club designed by Cavalli and named after the thread-meister.

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The new joint, a throwback of Gianni Versace’s mansion down the street, is supposed to open in time for next tourism season.

And it’s expected to mirror other Cavalli clubs in Florence and Milan, Italy, and Dubai.

The contractor in charge of the project, nightclub builder Stuart Hinde, is not talking.

But said an insider familiar with the project: “It’s supposed to become Cavalli’s flagship club. It’s a perfect location.”

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  1. Karma says

    Finally the scumbag son of a bitch David Manero is history on Sobe! He ran off to laguna beach and opened up a little pizzeria called “NEA Laguna ” with the all the money he stole from his investors over the years. Good luck to the new operators!

  2. Jon says

    Hope this never happens in SOBE. This is a residential district with zoning ordinances against clubs south of 5th. We as a community with fight this coming in our neighborhood. Plenty of places to do it north of 5th.
    Bad thing is they tried to slide it by and go caught. I hope they shut them down. Should have done their homework before buying.