Lawyer: Brooke Mueller in Rehab — Again

Brooke Mueller at a CW network party in August (Splash News)

She just can’t stay out!

Brooke Mueller — daughter of Palm Beach socialite Moira Fiore — is in for yet another rehab stint!

What’s the problem this time for Anger Management star Charlie Sheen‘s wild ex-wife?

The anti-hyperactivity drug Adderall!

“Yes, Brooke has checked herself into a rehab program in California for her use of prescription drugs,” Yale Galanter, Mueller’s Miami lawyer, told Gossip Extra. “I want to emphasize that no illegal substance has been found in her body. We can prove that with drug tests that she took over the weekend.

“Brooke has had ADD since birth and that’s what doctors prescribe.”

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While in rehab, Brooke’s two sons, Bob and Max, will be staying with none other than Denise Richards! The children will be staying with Sheen’s second ex-wife for an indefinite amount of time. Richards and Sheen have two daughters together.

Mueller’s drugs of choice used to be cocaine and alcohol, something she had in common with Sheen.

Mueller’s admittance to rehab comes on the heels of her hospitalization Friday for what reportedly was an overdose. Her rep, Steve Honig, claimed that she was there for “exhaustion and dehydration.”

Mueller became a tabloid name a couple years ago during her turbulent relationship with party animal Sheen up until their divorce in 2011. Sheen was arrested for holding a knife to Mueller’s throat in Aspen on Christmas Day 2010.

Mueller was arrested last May in Aspen for possession of coke. She’s on probation for that, but Galanter said her current trouble will not affect the probation.

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