Was That Casey Anthony at Flanigan’s?

Casey Anthony at Flanigan's

Is this Casey Anthony? Regulars at Flanigan’s in Lake Worth say “Yes!” (Exclusive to Gossip Extra)

If it looks like Casey Anthony, and dines with Casey Anthony acquaintances, then this woman in a booth at Flanigan’s Friday in Lake Worth probably was Casey Anthony!

Flanigan'sThe cellphone photo obtained exclusively by Gossip Extra is blurry — but there is circumstantial evidence.

The man across the table (who’s not in the picture) was identified by employees at the 10th Avenue seafood bar as Pat McKenna — a West Palm Beach private eye who worked on Anthony’s defense.

McKenna is mostly known for his work in clearing fallen football icon OJ Simpson of murder in 1995.

But it so happens McKenna also worked for Anthony when she was found not guilty last year of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in Orlando. And Gossip Extra reported in July that McKenna may be helping Anthony hide from a usually hostile public.

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony, as she appeared in a home video last year

By the way, I’m told the man paid for the meal with a credit card that read “Patrick J. McKenna!”

McKenna did not return calls for comment.

— Gossip Extra’s $1,000-bounty for irrefutable proof that Casey Anthony lives in Palm Beach County stands!

The bald guy? Flanigan’s regulars never saw him before.

There’s also the way the threesome came into the busy restaurant about 7 p.m.: First, one of the men waited for a table, alone among other parties in line to be seated; once he settled at a table, the other man and Maybe Casey joined him without stopping by the hostess stand.

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“From what I could tell, the woman had hot chicken wings,” a spywitness said. “The man across from her had shrimp and the bald dude had lemon chicken.”

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Maybe Casey wore a white, knitted hat over her dark hair. She did not speak to waiters, the spy added, and talked to the men with her in a muted voice.

An employee who picked up the phone today at Flanigan’s simply said: “I don’t recall her being here,” before hanging up without listening to followup questions.

Gossip Extra staffer Emily Kochman contributed to this story

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    • says

      BRING ON JANUARY!!!!!!

      • Ryan Ehlis says

        I think this is the greatest story of answered prayer i have witnessed in a long time. She beat the system and it makes so many people haters and angry LOL!!! You people give her so much attention now you all going to make her rich. All she has to do is write a book and it will sell like a million copies!!! Watching all you haters mouths hang open in disbelief when she was acquitted was so awesome. Truth is Jesus set her free because he has a purpose and calling on her life and you cant touch her!

    • rapmastermaurice says

      She’d better stay out of the public eye, or she will end up with the same treatment as her daughter. Casey, no one is going to forget what you did to her. Some whack job, even whackier than you, is going to go after you, and when it happens, no one will care …..

  1. Razzy says

    Looks like the CONVICTED FELON, SKANK, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, NARCISSISTIC, BABY KILLER, CASEY ANTHONY to me. If I was a waitress/chef there, I would have spit on her food. I hope someone did. I knew she didn’t leave Fla. She needs to stay close to her enabling, purjurist mommy SINdy, since at this time, SINdy controls the blood $$. I hope she has a miserable Christmas. The POS doesn’t deserve to celebrate anything.

  2. Brandy says

    Is she taking a break from googling “fool-proof suffication”? Oh wait, she doesn’t have a snot nosed child she needs to murder anymore. Now she’s living her Bella Vita out at a restaurant. Where is her American Flag dress? Why is she dressing to blend in?

  3. stevlin says

    I would do more than spit in her food. I’d want to give her a good dose of Ecoli. Make her very sick. Maybe someone out there will give her something that she deserves.

  4. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    She was found innocent by a jury of her peers. Which one of you geniuses on here has some smoking gun proof she whacked the kid ? Keep watching Nancy Grace and all the other talking pundits that have the same exact inside information you all do, which is NONE.

    I hope if I find myself at the defense table, I at least have a jury of peers that are at least literate .

    • gaye says

      she was found not guilty…which that isnt innocent by any means dumb fuck. And literate i am, and i hope that i will be sitting in the jury pool when i see you on the witness stand.

    • skbsoccermom says

      There is one of you idiots on every board. There was plenty of evidence to convict that nasty babykilling murderer, but you have to have a brain to understand the science, and an inept, bored and incompetent jury obviously wasn’t smart enough. Stop listening to bozo baez, the bikini salesman, and the convicted pathological liar and grow a brain. She is the only person who could have done that search for fool-proof suffocation on the day her child was last seen alive … at 2:50 pm .. with HER AIM account … when George was gone. And, the scientific evidence proved a dead body was in that trunk for 3 to 5 days. I could go on and on about the evidence that was released in public documents, but you brainless nutjobs still won’t comprehend it. It’s scary that the world has become so dumbbed down that people like you can’t understand evidence unless it is DNA and fingerprints. Educate yourself because saying there was no evidence and ranting about Nancy Grace is showing how ignorant you are.

      • Kentucky says

        I agree with you!!! The movie will be on Lifetime January 19,2013. I wonder how much she got for it. Her lies go on….

        • Debbie says

          SHE won’t get ANY money for the movie!!! It’s based on a book written by Prosecutor Jeff Ashton – and he’s donating at least part of the proceeds from the book and movie – I think – to some sort of charitable organization dealing with child abuse or a similar issue.

    • Jyn says

      The jury was selected b/c they were NOT tainted by the hearsay, ‘heinous-false evidence’, and disinformation that began July15/16 as news media sources began airing the MtDora video.

      Look at Dr G’s expert opinion…the body began to decompose ‘in early-to-mid June”, meaning that ‘the death event’ must have happened some hours before that.

      Notice that Father’s day is ‘mid-June’…and the 16th even later…IMO, the body HAD to have been decomposing already, when the video was supposed to have been recorded. The video is a false witness to the events ON and AFTER June 15th.

      • Are you serious? says

        So you think Casey was driving around with a different dead body in her trunk before she killed Caylee?

      • mrsdoubtfire says

        Dr Garavaglia’s report actually stated that the bones were CONSISTENT with death ocurring in mid June………. which was the last time Caylee was seen alive. And are you seriously saying that the late Shirley Plesea was mistaken about her great grandchild visiting with her on June 15th. Is the worker at the care home mistaken. Dont these places have sign in and out sheets. And since when has a Coroner dealing with dry bones narrowed time of death down to an exact hour of an exact day cuz that’s the logic you are applying.

        As for ” mis-information” yeah there was plenty of that in this case and it started with Casey Anthony, telling LE that a woman called Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez kidnapped her child. 31 days before, her mother Cindy called the cops. How many thousands of false leads and tips were generated as a result of that doozy of a story and all the fictitious people and addresses she included.

        There is actually a little publicised police recording of this diablolical liar aka Casey Anthony complaining to Det Appie Wells about how “dis-heartened” she was, lol that LE hadn’t saw fit to issue an amber alert. This was around August 29th, during the car ride to jail when she was picked up at the house on the fraud charges. While out on bond she was often seen sporting a ” Missing Caylee T shirt. When she was endicted on October 14th 08, she stated to an FBI Agent that she believed Caylee was alive. Her lawyers stated on national media that they were searching for a missing child…….Yeah who was putting out “mis-information” ?

    • mrsdoubtfire says

      Ah …..when all else fails…….the old Nancy Grace jibe.
      Innocent by a Jury of her peers? lol I didnt notice any Event Planners or convicted thieves amongst them. Remember those 6 counts of check fraud. But if you say so. IIRC the leader of the so called Jury of her Peers aka Mr Jury Foreman said he felt sick to his stomach when he signed the verdict form. .Oxymoron?

    • Jamie says

      The jury has admitted they believe she did it but the proof w/out reasonable doubt wasn’t there. Anyone who thinks she is innocent should let her babysit your kids and see what happens. Moron!

    • Juliet says

      She was not found innocent by a jury of her peers. You’re not quite the genius you think you are. She was found not guilty. Not guilty does not mean innocent. You should get your facts straight before shooting off your mouth. You just made yourself look stupid.

    • Vince says

      You make me sick. YOUR PEERS?!!? Rush? Billie O’? You voted for Romney too correct? How about the Baby killer that just killed 20 children in Conn. He shot himself in the head but were is your proof? God I despise You. Casey is a baby killer. Danced the light fantastic while the decomposing body of her child lay next to garbage on the side of the road. Your peers? MORONS ALL. Hey MORON , Hillary will run and The GOP? Will not sniff the White House till at least 2024

    • Endora says

      OH look at poor “gorgeous” KC… what’s with the long face? HAHAHAHAHAHA… Not only does she have a horse face, she looks absolutely miserable. Look at the puss on her face. What’s the matter KC – turn that frown upside down, KC. What, no friends, just old men to hang out with. Now that’s one helluva BELLA VITA. Aaaa–hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. Jean says

    Birch should be behind bars for murdering her daughter. I don’t know how she can just go about her life after she killed her baby, drove around with her body in her trunk for days and the threw the body away like trash to be eaten by animals and insects. I wish people would refuse to serve her or put nasty things on her meals and drinks.

  6. Mary-Etta Hinkle says

    They seek her here. They seek her there. Those Caylee Warriors seek her everywhere. Is she in heaven, Or is she in hell? The elusive Swamp-Skank-a-belle.

  7. Caylee Anthonys BioFather says

    Well what can I say.. The truth is near.. WHY DONT YOU JUST TELL EVERYONE THE TRUTH CASEY!! CAYLEE WAS BORN IN 2006!!

    • InDisbelief says

      @biofather…..everyone knows when Caylee was born.

      If you were Caylee’s biofather, you SHOULD take her to court for wrongful death.

      I don’t think even casey knows who Caylee’s dad is….she made it with too many donors that night

    • shaye says

      @ Caylee’s Anthony’s BioFather,
      Excuse me for busting your bubble but Caylee Marie Anthony was born August 9th, 2005 not in 2006 as you claim!! Her so called Mother killed her right before her 3RD Birthday! The Truth is Near huh?!? I bet you & KC have a lot in common……imaginary friends & fantasy land!

  8. Disgusted says

    @A 1911 Shooter, sounds like you plan on finding yourself at a defense table which explains why you would ignore obvious evidence and agree with the verdict; which btw, never said she was innocent…it just said they (the jury who needed to catch a plane and a cruise) couldn’t find enough evidence to prove how the murder occurred. Have you been living under a rock? I mean, you have to be the scum of the earth moron to not see what really happened. But you are probably Casey or one of her loser family members. Or maybe you are a fellow felon hoping for a crack at the loser. Casey will never be accepted by the world and she is a baby murderer.

  9. says

    WHo cares why does the media have to follow up on Casey Anthony she may have murdered her daughter but why do they try to mke her a celeberty. What about the victims!

  10. skbsoccermom says

    What a surprise that she was with a couple of guys. After all, she killed her only child because she stood in the way of her and Tony. She also couldn’t stand it that everybody was all about precious, beautiful Caylee. She wanted and still wants everything to be about Me, Me, Meeeeee. If the guy she is with really is an investigator, he can’t be a very good one. Perhaps he should review those computer records exposed by websleuths, and he’ll find out that she was the only who could have made those fool-proof suffocation searches. Then again, maybe some guys like babykillers. Disgusting.

  11. jimmyjam823 says

    i highly doubt its casey anthony her lawyer said that she moved out of flordia in late summer she most likely is in ohio (where she was born and still has family there), texas , or maybe upstate new york .

  12. Casey Supporter says

    What obvious evidence?? She is innocent- if they don’t find her guilty, you have to accept that there was more than enough reasonable doubt to acquit. The TRIAL was not at all about Caylee- it was a courtroom trial and the person being TRIED was Casey and the question was “Is Casey a murderer?”- It wasn’t about “Did Caylee die? Did Caylee get found outside? Was there apparent foul play in Caylee’s death?” Because all those answer yes. The question in the trial was SIMPLY “Did Casey commit murder, or cause this death?” And the answer of course was no, because there simply is not nearly enough evidence to PROVE that. I wish everyone would stop with their own hate and death mongering towards her. You’re no better than what you say she is, if you think that way- in fact, you might actually be worse. Grow up and get over it.

    • Pru says

      lol Since when does the Legal system in this country guarantee justice or the truth.. It merely guarantees a process. So dont preach that an acquittal means people should suddently ignore their own reasoning abilities and proclaim Casey Anthony innocent. . You might be satisfied with that verdict but most rational people were not. And to that end they have the right to express their opinion. So, as long as articles like this are printed expect people to chime in. Apart from that I doubt anyone really gives a toss what happens to this malevolent pos.

  13. Tawny Jones says

    Thanks so much for this exciting article. Charming Casey Anthony’s faithful fans & followers have been eagerly awaiting a recent photo & some news of her. She looks so sweet & demure in the picture. Merry Christmas, Casey!

    • A 1911 SHOOTER says

      Agreed, I would so wreck that…I would take her to dinner anytime, bring the haters on ..

      Also the 6th Amendment..how do it work again?

      • Jose Lambiet says

        But you would take Casey somewhere nice, right? How about Gossip Extra sponsor Red Taps in downtown at the Gardens?

  14. gigi says

    To all the simple minded CA supporters, she is laughing at you all the most!

    She fears us as she knows we know her guilt.

    Face like a horse with a heart like the Grinch, finding her out is always such a cinch.

  15. Endora says

    OH KC…. what’s with the long face? HAHAHAHAHAHA… Not only does she have a horse face, she looks absolutely miserable. Look at the puss on her face. What’s the matter, turn that frown upside down, KC. What, no friends, just old men to hang out with. Hahahahahahahahahaha… BELLA VITA

    • Kat says

      You have no idea if the girl in the photo is Casey (and why would it be? No way is she still in Florida) so it’s really rude to insult her looks. All of you people are so eager to get in your Casey-hating comments that you’re likely bashing a woman who isn’t even her!

  16. InDisbelief says

    casey has been living with the PI guy for awhile. At one point, someone reported he threw her out, but who knows?

    casey will use ANYONE as long as its conducive to her plan, and this PI guy is probably so THRILLED to have someone her age to boff he doesn’t care WHO she killed or WHAT she has done!

  17. InDisbelief says

    I’m sure the PI KNOWS casey is guilty but doesn’t care.

    If he doesn’t KNOW she killed Caylee or believes her lies, then he can’t be much of a PI or has NO morals.

  18. InDisbelief says

    @JAnders, 8 hours ago Reply

    “i know the guy shes with, his name is steve helling and he works for people magazine.”

    Maybe she is writing her story….and people mag is buying it?

  19. Bri says

    The reason the jury said not guilty was because of the advanced stage of decomposition, they were unable to pinpoint cause of death…period. That is the only reason she was found not guilty…

    • Jessica K says

      I’m sure if you were the grandparents or anyone close to that little girl you wouldn’t feel the same way. it’s called a grudge. most of American’s including me will hold one on her for awhile for getting away scot clean on a murder she so obviously committed, it’s always the dumb juries that are on the most important cases – they were probably all paid off…..

      I believe in ghosts and hauntings and what not – and if anyone deserves to be haunted for the rest of their lives, American Horror Story style – it’s casey anthony.

  20. DongzillA says

    I’d rather be having the “Is that really Casey Anthony?” debate while watching her get doggystyled in a sex tape.

  21. Jessica K says

    the bald guys her new meal ticket, thank god that skank went back to FL she was ruining our good name up here, made me stop watching my OSU games b/c she was wearing our jerseys!

  22. Barb says

    Of course it’s Casey. Of course she killed her innocent daughter. Of course she has not & will not leave FL. It’s ok, EVERYTHING will catch up with her. Very soon.

  23. Emmiline says

    So sad that no one else in the family cared enough about Caylee to pursue that murderer in civil court, like Ronald Goldman’s family did to OJ.

  24. Really? says

    This photo was released by McKenna to solicit himself out there. It’s obviously not Anthony. She’s a bar fly who goes to flanigans all the time. Nice try….

  25. Terry says

    What’s wrong with you people ? She was acquitted !! Do you know what that means ? That means she went into the States house, played by rules set by the State Legislature, and 12 citizens representing the people of Florida decided based on those rules that Casey is innocent ie:free of guilt…for the death of Caylee Anthony.

    So let her live her life, just like you would want to if you fell off your high horse and got mixed up in something out of your control or just made the ultimate mistake.

    It’s amazing how many righteous people there are, I feel safer already.