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KVJ Show: We’ve Got The Moves Like Jagger!


KVJ Show: We’ve Got The Moves Like Jagger!

The original: Adam Levine poses naked for cancer awareness (via Facebook)

Not many guys can pull off baring it all.

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine can (above), and did for cancer research last year — and he got panties in the mail!

Kevin Rolston and Jason Pennington from Wild 95.5‘s Kevin Virginia & Jason Show tried it recently — and got the chuckles!

The West Palm Beach/Treasure Coast morning FM kings agreed to re-create Payphone singer Levine’s famous pose after challenging their listeners to “like” them on Facebook 5,000 times!

Kevin as the body, Jason as the hands (via

Rolston tells Gossip Extra he never thought it would reach that number.

But it happened within 2 hours — and they were forced to deliver their end of the bargain!

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Rolston said he and Pennington debated at length to figure out whose hands would be on whose body — and eventually decided Roston would cover Pennington, and vice versa.

Grossed out yet?

“It was much worse being the hands (than being naked),” Rolston said.

By the way, the tats were photoshopped onto both of them, and Pennington’s abundant body hair was digitally erased.

Jason as the body, Kevin as the hands (via

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