Elin Nordegren’s Swedish Flag Flies Over PBC

Elin Nordegren's North Palm Beach house

The blue-and-golf banner of Sweden now flies high above North Palm Beach, courtesy Elin Nordegren (Click on the photo for more on Nordegren’s local real estate)

Tiger Woods‘ ex-wife must be homesick.

Or maybe, she should show a little appreciation for the country where a divorce court made her an instant multi-millionaire!

Elin Nordegren, who bagged $100 million in her split from Woods, has taken to flying the flag of her native Sweden on the rooftop of her soon-to-be home in North Palm Beach.

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Is it a secret signal for Viking rowboats lurking at sea?

Just blind pride for the land of Volvos and the midnight sun?

Gossip Extra was tad perturbed at the sight of a foreign king’s banner flying high above our beaches, so we checked the village’s code of ordinances.

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There seems to be no rules against flying a foreign flag, even one from a kingdom.

US flag etiquette, however, says it’d be courteous for Nordegren to add the Stars and Stripes on the pole — ABOVE the Swedish blue-and-gold.

Nordegren is building a 21,000-square-foot, $16 million-plus mansion in the swanky Seminole Landing neighborhood.

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  1. Paul Church says

    Jose- Cut the girl some slack. Trump’s Roger Dean Chevrolet-sized flag flying above Mar-a-Lago was way more offensive. Plus, the angle pictured-a helicopter view from the water inland-is not exactly that of the ordinary sight a person would have. Be that as it may, the house is going to beautiful-albeit somewhat overpriced at $16M-but a great design nonetheless.

  2. says

    Let her fly a Swedish flag, next thing you know you’ll have an IKEA on the island! I say we start a mob and go take it down 😉

    Just kidding, I think she’s paying enough in property tax to let her fly whatever flag she wants.

  3. Peter Måhlin says

    She maybe is a victim of a difference in customs. In Sweden, people from Denmark, Norway, Finland etc often fly the colors of their old homeland on their resident flagpole. They aren’t shunned even if they cheer at the Danish fooball team or the Norwegian skiers at the sport events. But – but – in my (by then mandatory) military service, they tought us, that with two flags on the same pole, it was a sign that the nation or region of the lower flag had surrendered or was conquered by the country of the upper flag? At least in naval warfare? PS: I’ve checked some forums, and they say that two flags on the same pole is an american custom. I think the correct way in Sweden would be TWO poles, at the same height, and both flags are of the same size.

  4. Rebecca Olesen says

    GOOD! It sure as hell beats all the Mexican flags i see everywhere. At least she isn’t holding up a sign saying Sweden is going to ‘take over’.

    • Rebecca Olesen says

      Peter, I’m glad you brought that up, the one flag above the other. I don’t have any problem with her flag, or any flag at your home. She loves Sweden, I think that’s awesome. The only problem I have are the incidents of say a college flying a foreign flag above the U.S. flag, and not pleased with a foreign flag raised without U.S. flag. But the foreign above the U.S., if it’s at a business or school I’m angry, if it’s at home I’m still really irritated.

      I will say this Peter, I’ve been in Sweden about 3 years and Swedish people worry too much about what other people think. I know Swedes who are hesitant to put a Swedish flag outside their property in case it ‘offends’ somebody, in the meantime nobody cares about the hezbollah somaliland flag hanging out the window of the apartment above me.

      We have Danish, Swedish & British flags (cheapy ones) hanging off a wooden support pole in our teeny backyard, they’re definitely all at the same height.