Michael Dippolito Sued For Child Support

Michael Dippolito

Michael Dippolito, last year on ABC News (Special to Gossip Extra)

He once was marked for death by his wife.

Now, Michael Dippolito is marked for child support by an old galpal.

Dalia Dippolito

Dalia Dippolito (Courtesy PBSO)

The Boynton Beach resident,  whose ex-wife Dalia was sentenced to 20 years in prison for trying to hire an assassin to kill him, has been sued for his lack of care for a 14-year-old son he walked away from at birth, Gossip Extra has learned.

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In the Nov. 17 filing in a Palm Beach County court, ex-galpal Karen Tanne accuses Dippolito of not paying for any child support for years. Now she wants a monthly check, plus arrears for the past four years.

Dippolito made national news in 2009 when he assisted Boynton Beach Police in catching his then-new wife Dalia red-handed. He pretended the hitman, an undercover cop, had done the job as Dalia was arrested!

At the time, Dippolito drove a Porsche and bought a $225,000 townhouse with cash.

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His finances became an issue in Dalia’s criminal trial when her defense attorney claimed Dippolito was laundering money.

In her financial affidavit, meanwhile, Tanne says she is currently unemployed and running a huge credit card debt trying to raise the boy.

Dippolito was found to be the boy’s father in 2011, after Tanne filed several paternity actions.

Dippolito has yet to hire a lawyer in the child support matter, according to the paperwork.

His previous attorneys filed a lien against him because he still owes more than $20,000 in unpaid legal bills.

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  1. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    Jose, I think the crazy chick is on home confinement a’la John Goodman style right now. Her conviction is being appealed , also her cook book sucks.

  2. Nicole says

    Wrong. She is NOT serving time in prison. She is out on appeal and is in home confinement until her appeal is heard. She is basically hanging out at her house until they decide to hear her case….which could be years.




  3. says

    i enjoy to hear when a douch bag is made to care for a child they treat like dirt.i hate calling a dead beat dad a man but in age they are.but an embaressment to real men.i kno how it is to be abused and negected by my full of shit greedy rock star father so boys dont grow up to be like a low life bull shit doper father like mine.dion dimucci.i have 8 children now and treat them with love.

  4. TIDE FERRARI RACING,farrah donner says

    Terrific,YOU DIVORCE your spouse not your CHILDREN. THROW THE JERK in iail in N.Y. so Florida tax payers don’t pay his bills!

  5. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    I need to talk to my boss at work and complain that everyone on this site I read has a F Car except me so gimme mo $$$. For now I am going to change my name to

    CLOROX BMW ///M5 street racer so I fit it w/the cool kids

    • TIDE ferrari racing,tom davis says

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  6. Tommy says

    I’m a believer in the fact that we make our own luck. And this guy has some bad luck. Not sure if he deserves this degree of bad luck though for a $181,000 scam for which he did 2 years time in prison, and is paying back the victims. And since then he was almost knocked off, and the mother of his son comes out of the woodwork after nearly 14 years of not making one claim for child support since the child was born, and now wants child support, and records indicate paternity was not even verified until 2011.

    ** If I were this guy, I think I maybe would want to have been knocked off! He seems doomed!

  7. HMH says

    Okay, Michael Dippolito is a jerk. He didn’t deserve a hit put on him, but he’s still a sleaze.

    He has enough money to be taking care of his son. He was able to purchase a house pretty much in one payment that was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  8. RICK says

    Mike, My ex-wife owes me $25.000.00 in back support in Wis. She took off to Florida so she would not be caught. They have a warrant out for her here in Wis. so she stays in Florida. The Wis. Child Support knows where she is at but they won’t do chit. They go after the guy but the women can run free. Not right at all. Good luck Bro, Rick in Wis.