Chris Bosh Wins Big in Baby Mama Drama

Chris Bosh and Allison Mathis

Chris Bosh score a big win today against baby mama Allison Mathis

Miami Heat superstar Chris Bosh saved millions today — and he didn’t have to lift a finger.

A judge in Orlando sided with Bosh in his attempt to be deemed an official resident of Texas instead of Florida!

Why does Bosh keep claiming he doesn’t live in Florida three years into his contract with the Heat?

A baby mama is getting $2,600-a-month in child support from the baller because of a ruling in Texas, which Bosh claims as his official residence.

Had Bosh been found to be a Florida resident today, he’d be looking at $30,000-a-month in child support for the next 15 years!

Baby mama: Chris Bosh had me in fertility treatment, now he doesn’t want to help!

Bosh, who was not in court, LeBron James and the rest of the Heat are playing at the Washington Wizards tonight, and he couldn’t be reached for comment.

The ruling comes as part of a three-year battle between Bosh and an ex-girlfriend over their three-year-old daughter. The Heater was married last year to Adrienne Bosh. They have an infant son.

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But when he played for the Toronto Raptors, Bosh lived with Allison Mathis, who got pregnant through fertility treatment.

Jane Carey, Mathis’ attorney, called today’s ruling a “miscarriage of justice” and promised to appeal.

“Everybody knows that Texas is rough on horses and women,” Carey said. “Now, I guess that any young man in Florida who makes big money should get a Texas address before they have a baby.

“They’ll save a lot of money that way.”

In August, the Dallas born-and-bred Bosh did appear before Orange County Circuit Court Judge Robert Evans and was grilled for two hours about his current residency. At the time, Carey stopped just short of calling him a liar.

At that hearing, Bosh admitted that, in order to get a mortgage for his $12.5 million-Miami Beach home, he signed an affidavit swearing that the North Bay Road mansion would be his primary residence.

Bosh also fielded questions on why his name was purged from Texas’ voters lists.

But Judge Evans said he based his decision on one set of documents: Bosh’s income-tax filings, sent to the IRS from Texas!

Bosh’s attorney couldn’t be reached for comment.

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  1. TIDE ferrari racing,tom davis,jr. says

    Baby mamma’s lawyer blew case. I won PARENT ALIENATION case in Florida Supreme Court in 2004, against my X wife and FIFTH husband, Lin Berlitz Hilton for not allowing me court approved visitation. Married one year after I knocked her up to give child a name, Berlitz did not get custody of her first illegit child in college. I paid; Lin Berlitz $200,000++ cash, a Rolls Royce and 1964 Ferrari conv. when I found out Berlitz was screwing Roxy Pulitzers lesban lover, Jaquie Kimberly.[Husband friend fellow Palm Beach sportsman, ferrari racer, Jim Kimberly.] Thank God messy divorce din not harm daughter graduated second in class Vanderbilt 2006 and third in class Duke Law 2009. You don’t divorce you offspring only your X ! CHILDREN NEED a MOTHER AND FATHER. TIDE ferrari racing. Please help save the Miami Marine Stadium and old palm beach.

  2. Don says

    Where you pay your taxes does go a long way toward determining official residence. Most states have strict requirements before allowing you to change your state of residence. I served in the military and now work for the government so I have moved quite a bit. As long as you do not file paperwork to change your residence, you are still considered a resident of your home state until you make the change and you must file your taxes there. So, you can live in Florida forever but as long as you do not change your official residence, your official residence does not change. I have not lived in Georgia for over 15 years but I am still considered a resident of that state.

  3. tinatina says

    Who was her lawyer? BOSH is a jerk and so is the dumbass lawyer… $2600 and he makes millions what a freakin jerk!!!

  4. Don says


    SInce when is $2600 plus medical, school, dental, and school extracurricular activities expenses not enough for child support? Hell, he even kicked in a $250000 payment in 2010. Remember, IT IS child support, not support for the women. Who needs $30,000 a month to take care of a child, anyway? She just wants to live the lifestyle that Bosh is living but does not want to work to get it. If she wants to live the good life so bad, she is young enough to get off her butt and get a job to better provide for herself and her child. It is Bosh’s responsibility to help take care of his child. It is her responsibility to take care of herself. I, for one, hope more judges have the balls to put an end to this legalized robbery.