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Socialite: Lindsay Lohan is Victim of PB Fortune Teller!


Socialite: Lindsay Lohan is Victim of PB Fortune Teller!

Lindsay Lohan and Tiffany Mitchell

Ex-Palm Beach fortune teller Tiffany Mitchell (left) and starlet Lindsay Lohan (Splash News)

The fortune teller who claims Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan attacked her in a New York City nightclub targeted rich Palm Beach socialites for years, even asking one for $43,000 to “clean” her aura!

And if you believe a high-profile Palm Beacher who sought the services of the psychic, there’s a good chance the alleged seer saw dollar signs floating around Lohan’s head at a Manhattan nightclub early Thursday!

It’s another Gossip Extra exclusive investigation:

“I feel bad for Lindsay,” said palm reader Tiffany Mitchell‘s ex-client, a fixture of the island’s charity galas who asked that her name not be used. “I went to see (Mitchell) for about three weeks in November 2011. She used fear tactics to make it seem that I could be in real trouble if I didn’t pay her $43,000.

“She senses when people are vulnerable and when she can make money. I complained about her (Mitchell) to Palm Beach Police but they didn’t do anything about it.

Royal Poinciana Way in Palm Beach

Royal Poinciana Way in Palm Beach, where Tiffany Mitchell plied her fortune telling trade (Special to Gossip Extra)

“I didn’t pay her, but I’m sure others in Palm Beach did.

“Tiffany is a professional liar!”

The socialite asked to remain anonymous for now because, she says, she is not seeking publicity. And frankly, she adds, she is still a little embarrassed for even paying any attention to Mitchell.

But the philanthropist could be Lohan’s salvation: She said she would testify against the fortune teller at Lohan’s trial or in a civil lawsuit!

Gypsy tricks

Lohan, 26, was arrested by the NYPD after the 28-year-old Mitchell claimed Lohan hit her and swatted a beer from her hand during an argument at club Avenue in the Meatpacking District.

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And while Mitchell objected to Lohan calling her a “gypsy” when Mitchell offered to tell Lohan’s future, leading to the altercation, the Gossip Extra source said Mitchell used typical “gypsy” tricks in trying to become a trusted friend and demanding money for the lifting of curses.

Something, meanwhile, is amiss about Mitchell and her husband, Wayne Stevens: They’ve left barely a paper trail in official Palm Beach County records, despite their seven-year stay here!

There are only a few driving tickets, a business license and a lawsuit for non-payment of a lease. Mitchell used her real middle name of Eve in some of the paperwork, and her fortune telling stage name of Ava in others.

Tiffany Mitchell's business license

Tiffany Mitchell’s business license in West Palm Beach

Meanwhile, the socialite and a girlfriend went to see Mitchell at her sprawling storefront on Royal Poinciana Way last year to ask her to perform readings at a birthday party.

“She (Mitchell) was pretty and nice and sweet. We asked her about working at a birthday party, and she said she’d do it for $600.”

While the two obviously wealthy ladies were visiting, however, Mitchell told them she had a “feeling” about each of them. Mitchell offered free readings, and the source’s friend seemed quite taken.

43 Gs in a box

“My friend was going through a divorce at the time,” the society stalwart said, “and that made her more receptive.

“Then Ava started on me, and she went on about how I had a dark spirit over me who was probably a leftover from a previous life. Ava offered what she called a ‘clearing,’ also for $600!”

Later, the socialite said, Mitchell text-messaged a request to see her so that she could pass on “new information.”

“She said the spirits told her that money was the source of all my problems. She told me I needed to let it go.”

Mitchell allegedly told the society lady to find a small antique box and place $43,000, in large bills, face up, at the bottom. Mitchell had the philanthropist add dirt from her beachfront home’s garden, and paper with her life’s goals written on them.

Mitchell prescribed that the box be placed under the socialite’s bed for five days and five nights, nights spent in a white linen gown.

“She was very precise with her instructions,” the source said. “After the five days, I was supposed to bring the box to Ava for her to perform some ritual. She said she would give me the money back. But I never brought it to her because I knew I’d never get my money back.”

Sending positive energy

The socialite provided copies of text messages between her and someone at a phone number that Gossip Extra called this morning — and Mitchell picked up!

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Mitchell said when asked about $43,000 in a box. “I had no socialite clients. There was no such things. I have no comment. Call my lawyer.”

She hung up abruptly.

Meanwhile, one text allegedly sent from Mitchell’s phone to the socialite the week after Thanksgiving 2011 reads: “I’ve been working on it, you will feel better this afternoon. Take a deep breath and release. Say these words out loud: I will not give up; I have faith and I am strong. My spirit is with you!”

And another: “I’m sending you positive energy to help you have a peaceful day.”

A third instructed the socialite to call Mitchell because the content of the messages turned to the $43,000.

Said the socialite: “I was pretty suspicious the whole time, and it really ticked me off she was in Palm Beach. There is not doubt in my mind she is a scam artist, and that she targeted Lindsay Lohan like she targeted me and my friend.

“Palm Beach didn’t need this, especially in the wake of the (Ponzi schemer Bernie) Madoff situation.”

Gossip Extra also reached Mitchell’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, about the socialite’s allegations. But Allred declined comment unless we provided her with the socialite’s name.

Allred declined comment.

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