Revolution: PB Post Owners go Republican!

Hold the presses!

The ultra-liberal billionaire owners of The Palm Beach Post are starting a conservative website.

The Palm Beach Post

Quiet revolution? Owners of The Palm Beach Post go rogue, I mean, Republican!

You read right!

The Atlanta-based Cox Media Group, owned by three of the Forbes 400 richest Americans, is searching high-and-low for a Republican figure-head for a new online organization.

“I’m not that surprised they’re starting this thing,” said Jack Furnari, president and CEO of the locally produced conservative BizPacReview. “We hurt The Palm Beach Post and they know it.

“The market for conservative news is unlimited. There’s big money in it.

“But they’ll have credibility issues. Will folks here read a conservative outfit owned by the paymasters of (liberal Post editorial page editor) Randy Schultz?”

Experienced Editor Wanted

The site’s name has not been revealed yet, but found this description of the ideal editor put out by Cox:

We are seeking experienced editor to help lead the launch of a national news website for conservative audiences that is independent, anti-propaganda and rooted in the South away from the right and left coasts.

   Responsibilities: This editor will have an established personal brand and be nationally recognized as a voice for heartland conservatives. He or she will be the face of the publication on TV/radio talk shows and in the public arena. This editor will set the voice and tone of the publication and drive the national public conversation. This editor will mentor a small team of editors working on the 24/7 news site and offer fans/readers instant insights with humor, intelligence and transparency. The editor must establish a strong ideological narrative and lead the editorial team to find stories that mirror or magnify it. This editor embodies the soul of the publication and will be responsible for setting and meeting overall product goals and launch milestones throughout 2013 and beyond. 

  Qualifications: Experience as a reliable conservative commentator on television, radio and/or digital with the demonstrated ability to attract and engage a broad audience using social and broadcast media and with both long- and short-form writing.   We prefer someone who has an established personal brand and reputation as a common-sense, independent conservative voice across all media. Demonstrated news judgment with the ability to lead, rather than follow, the day’s headlines. Knack for seeing tomorrow’s big story today and experience creating or identifying content with viral appeal. Keen sense of standard media biases and tropes – and a passion for dissecting and dismantling partisan talking points. An independent spirit that thrives in a startup environment, can make decisions quickly and can handle several tasks at once. Relocation to Atlanta is preferred, but working remotely is a possibility for the right candidate.

Stunning Reversal

It is a stunning reversal for Cox, whose newspapers also include The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Austin American-Statesman.

Since the company was founded in the early part of the 20th century by two-time Democratic governor of Ohio James Cox, Cox-owned newspapers have steadfastly promoted liberal ideals — and turned off thousands of conservative readers in the process.

That translated into steep declines in circulation and influence, and therefore revenues.

The Palm Beach Post, for example, sells fewer than 90,000 newspaper daily — a 50 percent loss over past five years — and has laid off several hundred workers while outsourcing parts of the business to Asia.

Cox’s new site, meanwhile, would join a crowded marketplace when it comes to conservative voices. It already includes The Drudge Report, Fox News and WorldNetDaily, and even the Palm Beach County-produced Newsmax and BizPacReview.

Said Furnari: “There’s room for everybody. We welcome any new conservative voice.”

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  1. oldtimePBer says

    Gosh, I think the PissPoorPost is a great newspaper. I get it for one reason and one reason only. We trained our puppy to pee on paper. PeePee Pads are much more expensive than the PalmBeachPravda. I don’t know what I am going to do if they actually make it a real paper? Hummmm, maybe we can get the NY Times? How much is a yearly subscription to that rag?

    • says

      I almost spit my coffee on the keyboard oldtimePBer! ha! Thanks for making my morning. “Gosh, I think the PissPoorPost is a great newspaper. I get it for one reason and one reason only. We trained our puppy to pee on paper. PeePee Pads are much more expensive than the PalmBeachPravda.”

      A year or so ago, PBpost was calling us trying to sell their paper. My hubby told them the paper was too “one-sided” for his taste.”

  2. RogerThat says

    This will be another bomb for Cox. The company once had a fairly decent reputation as media operators but in the last five years they have devolved into just another organization that positions itself as adept and FINANCIALLY conservative with a super strong balance sheet, however, the reality is this: they are largely CLUELESS and have practically zero innovation. They are delusional in thinking they “get” how the world has changed and have attempted to increase market shares in various “new media or digital” (dead terms already) and have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars. Examples: an attempt to provide wireless services where they have cable in certain markets. Bomb. Deal Swarm-a daily deal site about four years too late. Bomb. Adify—an online ad platform absorbed into another existing Cox division. Bomb. There are other recent head scratchers as well but hopefully you get the point. Oh, there are others that go way back. Cox once invested 40+ million in something known as Bomb. You can’t completely blame the new “heads of state”…their top corporate team has been mediocre for a well over a decade and a half. The “media” portion of this company is now being run solely by the finance and sales personnel and that is a recipe for disaster. The next big tsunami for Cox will be when the cable division continues its slide (along with Comcast, Time Warner, Dish, DirecTV, etc.) as people revolt from the cable/satellite model. I read a lot and know people in case you’re wondering.