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Coroner: Cockroach Eater Choked on Insects!


Coroner: Cockroach Eater Choked on Insects!

Cockroach eater Eddie Archbold

Happy-go-lucky Eddie Archbold, who died in October in the wake of his winning a cockroach-eating contest! (via Facebook)

Edward Archbold, the West Palm Beach man who died in October after a cockroach-eating contest, was asphyxiated when roach parts lodged into his lungs, the Broward County Medical Examiner has determined.

Cockroach swarm

A cockroach swarm

Gossip Extra broke the story three days after the incident, but the official word came today!

It takes about two months for bodily fluids collected in autopsies to be analyzed, and investigations are only considered complete once those results are in.

Archbold tested negative for drugs!

In the end, the death was deemed accidental.

Click for the video of Archbold eating bugs and worms

He is the text of today’s press release:

Mr. Edward Archbold, 32 of West Palm Beach, FL, who became unresponsive following a bug and worm eating contest on October 6, 2012, died as a result of asphyxia due to choking and aspiration of gastric contents.

 Laboratory testing for lethal intoxicating substances, stigmata of anaphylaxis, or metabolic derangements were negative.

 In light of the anatomic findings of airway obstruction by the arthropod body parts, this death is best certified as asphyxial in nature.  

The manner of death is determined to be: ACCIDENT

Archbold, a canvas maker, participated in a contest at the well-known Ben Siegel Reptiles store in Deerfield Beach. The grand prized with a pricey python, and Archbold’s plan was to give it to a friend.

It is unclear how many of the insects, and worms, Archbold ate. But he won the contest — and collapsed in the store parking lot moments later.

On his Facebook page that day, he wrote: “So, I guess I’m in a cockroach-eating contest tonight … wish me luck.”

Later, he added: “So, I nailed the qualifying. Quota was 10 roaches in 30 seconds. I did 8 and the 2 that my competitor vomited next to me.”

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