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Palm Beach Meets Las Vegas — For Charity


Palm Beach Meets Las Vegas — For Charity

Paradise Fund

Maxine Kaan-Lilly (left) with Elizabeth Sleeper at Friday night’s Paradise Fund Casino Night at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach (Click on the Mike Jachles photo for the event gallery)

The chips at blackjack and roulette were phony last night at the Flagler Museum — but the $80,000 raised by Palm Beach’s young society was in cold, hard cash!

Paradise fund casino

Cori Seaberg (left) wearing Ferragamo, with Jeffrey Berman at The Paradise Fund’s Casino Night at the Flagler Museum last night in Palm Beach (Click on the Mike Jachles photo for more)

“It’s always a good party,” said socialite Kirsten Braden, overlooking from a balcony the black-tie-and-long-gown crowd busy around the gaming tables. “Everybody comes to Palm Beach to visit their grandparents and make sure their trust funds are still there. By Friday, they’re ready to party!”

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Maybe so, but young society is also emulating the generosity of its Palm Beach elders in The Paradise Fund, which organized the shindig.

The non-profit was started by young professionals born and raised on the Island to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Divine Ministries in Hope for Children, an orphanage in Haiti.

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“This started as a New Year’s Eve party at someone’s house,” said documentary filmmaker Kent Anderson, who organized the event with chairwoman Hilary Jordan, Loy Anderson II and Christopher DiSchino. “We invited 150 people and 300 came. So, it was a natural progression for us to do this at the Flagler.”

Friday night, the head count was 475 pretty, well dressed people who paid an average $250 to be at the party.

“We’re working on a similar party in Miami and New York and maybe Los Angeles,” Anderson said.

And why not? The Palm Beach version sure was delightful departure from the same old, same old!

Paradise Fund

The craps table at Friday night’s Paradise Fund fundraiser at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach (Click on the photo for the Mike Jachles gallery)

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