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Black Friday Special: Your Own Tropical Island!


Black Friday Special: Your Own Tropical Island!

Bid Darby Island

Big Darby Island: 550 acres wedged between magician David Copperfield’s island and country star Faith Hill’s! (Special to Gossip Extra)

Here’s one Christmas present that the hordes of crazed shoppers won’t find anywhere in the stores on Black Friday: A deserted Caribbean island!

Palmetto Bay resident Rick Davis is selling his honest-to-goodness remote island in The Bahamas! It’s the only one with an rundown English castle, tons of history and legendary neighbors. And with 550 tropical acres, it’s one of the area’s largest private islands.

Big Darby Island

Big Darby’s white sandy beach meet the blue and teal waters of the Caribbean! (Special to Gossip Extra)

Price: $40 million!

“In the mid-90s, I couldn’t get rid of it for $500,000,” said Davis, an investment banker. “But then (magician) David Copperfield bought one.”

And so did country music stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, and Pirate of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp and Ghost Rider‘s Nicolas Cage.

“And all of the sudden, everyone wanted his island in the Bahamas,” said Davis, a 56-year-old father of three.

Davis’ sandy beaches, mangroves and hilly underbrush comes complete with tons of colonial history.

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His property, Big Darby Island in the Exuma area of the Caribbean, originally was given (yep, free of charge!) by British royal King George to a knighted gentleman named Baxter Darby in the mid-30s, Davis said.

The eccentric Sir Baxter, an alleged Nazi sympathizer, built an 8,000-square-foot castle, then allowed German submarines prowling the Atlantic during World War II to refuel on his island. He was said to guide them with bonfires!

“There are still giant poured concrete moorings,” Davis said. “Nobody knows why they’re there but I believe it was for the submarines.”

The island was bought and sold several times until Davis bought it.

Careful, he says: A deserted island isn’t for everyone, even the extremely rich!

Rebuilding the old castle (below) won’t be easy, although it is stuffed with mahogany floors and original furniture.

There’s no sewage system, running water or electricity.

And the unforgiving sun and salt air wreak havoc on buildings and equipment.

“But those who like white-sand beaches, clear ocean, peace and a stable government,” he adds, “then it’s for you.”

Well, if you happen to have $40 million to spare!

Big Darby Island Castle

Nazi lover Sir Baxter’s residence on Big Darby Island (Special to Gossip Extra)

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