Allen West Waves White Flag of Surrender

Allen West

U.S. Rep. Allen West conceded the race for District 18 to newcomer Patrick Murphy overnight (Special to Gossip Extra)

U. S. Rep. Allen West ‘s goose is cooked!

The controversial GOPer conceded the election to Democrat Patrick Murphy overnight, two weeks after voters along the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County’s north side gave Murphy a razor-thin margin.

Tea Party fave West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, filed several court actions for a recount.

He now believes the 1,904-vote difference could not be overcome, even if a full hand recount were ordered.

The race stood out as one of Florida’s nastiest in memory. West was haunted by allegations of torture on the front of the Iraq War and misogyny. And political novice Murphy watched his mug shot from a drunken arrest flash on the TV screens in West’s ads.

West served one term in Congress after getting elected in a district that included mainly parts of Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties.

He decided to run in a northern district after his home district was redesigned to include more Democratic voters and moved to Palm Beach Gardens.

Here is West’s statement, unedited:

“For two weeks since Election Day, we have been working to ensure every vote is counted accurately and fairly. We have made progress towards that goal, thanks to the dedication of our supporters and their unrelenting efforts to protect the integrity of the democratic process. While many questions remain unanswered, today I am announcing that I will take no further action to contest the outcome of this election.  

“While there are certainly still inaccuracies in the results and the actions of the St. Lucie County and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections rightly raise questions in my mind and for many voters, after much analysis and yesterday’s recount in St. Lucie County, our legal team does not believe there are enough over-counted, undercounted or fraudulent votes to change the outcome of the election.  

“While a contest of the election results might have changed the vote totals, we do not have evidence that the outcome would change. Given the extremely high evidentiary hurdles involved in a successful challenge, I will not ask my generous supporters to help fund a drawn-out, expensive legal effort with little chance of success. Therefore, we will not contest the certification or challenge the seating of Congressman-Elect Murphy.  

“Serving the people in the House of Representatives has been among the highest honors of my life, but this seat does not belong to me, or for that matter, to any individual. It belongs to the people. I want to congratulate my opponent, Patrick Murphy, as the new Congressman from 18th Congressional District. I pray he will serve his constituents with honor and integrity, and put the interests of our nation before his own.  

“I must thank my wife Angela, and my daughters Aubrey and Austen for their support, patience, understanding and most of all, love. These are three of the toughest women I know. They have sent me off to defend our nation overseas at war and to Capitol Hill to serve our nation in the House of Representatives. They have all handled the challenges of these last few months, and the last many years, with amazing grace. I know they will be my side for whatever is our next chapter.  

“I want to thank my congressional and campaign staff for their service, and most importantly, I want to thank all of our tremendous supporters who provided their time and money to power our campaign. I am humbled by the dedication and perseverance of our supporters, and their commitment to a free and prosperous America. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for our campaign, but most importantly, what they have done, and will continue to do for our country. None of us should let the outcome discourage us. We should only redouble our resolve.  

“Above all, I want to thank God for his blessings, and for blessing me with the opportunity to serve.  Only God knows what is in store for each of us. I have dedicated my life to serving this nation, and the results of this election will not change my purpose. Just as I did in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, just as I did on Capitol Hill, I will continue to fight for our Republic.  

“Our nation will not overcome our challenges overnight ,and the road ahead for each one of us will not be easy. But this nation would never have become that shining beacon of light if our founders had chosen the easy path 236 years ago. We all must proudly continue their legacy.  

“For the protection and preservation of our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, I shall remain steadfast and loyal. God bless you and God bless these United States of America.”

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  1. flmike says

    Let me be the first to say, Good f’n bye you giant POS, the people of Palm Beach Co. will not miss you.

  2. Barry says

    I’m sure West will find some other place to live where he thinks he can run again for election and win. I read that Georgia would love to have him.

  3. Toni says

    West served his 1st four years in my District and did absolutely nothing but run his mouth off with nasty hate-filled comments. We don’t need hate filled comments, we need both sides to come together in Washington (and in Tallahassee) for the good of the people. Enough of the Republicans pledging to some idiot (Grover Norquist), how about pledging to serve the people who voted them into office and who they are suppose to represent.

  4. MimiB says

    West rented a Palm Beach Gardens residence… he’s a carpetbagger who will no doubt soon leave. Good riddance to his insulting misogyny, claims of communists everywhere and divisive rhetoric.