Vivian Gonzalez, SoFla’s New Weather Sweetie

WSVN morning weather babe Vivian Gonzalez

In: WSVN morning weather babe Vivian Gonzalez (Special to Gossip Extra)

There must be a couple things that the official job description for morning weathercaster on Miami/Fort Lauderdale’s WSVN-Channel 7 leaves out.

Former WSVN weather babe Julie Durda

Out: Ex-WSVN weathercaster Julie Durda (Courtesy WSVN)

Like being a hot chick in your late 20s — and managing to point at dots on a map while keeping your perfect posture and balance on high, high heels!

Introducing Vivian Gonzalez, who’s perfect for the gig. She was just tapped to replace Julie Durda as weekday a.m. forecaster on the down-market Fox affiliate’s Today in Florida.

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Durda, a former cheerleader with the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, was just as perfect. She quickly became a favorite with male viewers who posted on YouTube videos of her talking about lighting storms in clingy dresses.

But Durda resigned abruptly after a contract dispute. She’s sitting out a six-month no-compete clause and is expected back on local television in the spring — would could spark a weather smackdown for ratings between Durda and Gonzalez.

Replacement Gonzalez is a 29-year-old local Cuban American who graduated from Florida International University before starting at WSVN as behind-the-scenes producer in 2005.

She was promoted to the lowly-rated Saturday morning gig and waited patiently for her turn at the big time.

She starts Monday at 5 a.m.

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VP of News Alice Jacobs hinted that the public shouldn’t assume Gonzalez got the gig because she’s hot. It’s all about “connecting” with the public!

“Vivian’s passion for weather coupled with her ability to connect to viewers makes her the perfect choice for Today in Florida,” Jacobs said in a statement released by the station.

Gonzalez, meanwhile, already has been adopted warmly by radio sports talker Joe Rose‘s morning testosterone fest at WQAM-560 AM. While Rose feuded famously with Durda, he already had Gonzalez on-the-air Friday morning.

Here’s a look at Gonzalez at work:

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  1. elnegro says

    they are both slutty and once again represent miami in a bad way. there is nothing professional about them to show up to work dressed like that. Whats worse: SHAME ON YOU WSVN for hiring corruptible sluts like these to represent our city!!!

    • Juan says

      elnegro,….. you must be a moron. There is nothing slutty about how Vivian dresses. If anything, her skirts are much longer that the weather babes on the 3 other stations, way past her knees..

  2. juan luis santalla says

    i’m over 60 yrs old & have watched all the weather girls u have had thruout the yrs. I can tell u without a doubt that vivian gonzalez is the best looking one u have ever had not to mention her professionalism & how well she projects. also her diction, is excellent.
    keep up the good work.

    juan luis santalla

  3. Andy says

    They both look great. However Julie cannot complete a news cast without fumbling
    or stuttering at least once. I stop watching channel 7 becuse of her.
    Channel 7 was suppose to let me know when she was gone so I could start wathing again.
    I did watch watch her a couple of years ago and still could not complete a news cast
    with fumbling. I guess the new contact was contingent on completing full sentences.
    I”ll have to start watching again. I say bring Jackie back!

  4. Sorya Pena says

    This weather lady loks slutty. Her dresses are way too tight and she sounds like a complete airhead, plus they give her way too much air time- weather cast shouldnt be that long.

    The way she dresses (Tight & Short) looks EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL like she belongs in the strip club.

  5. maria says

    I honestly love vivian there are some days she dresses very professional and others looking as if she is going to the nightclub see through tops tight tight dresses. Even if she is our best weather girl her outfits would represent her better and much more sophisticated if she was not so worried about getting looked at her legs or body figure. Your a beautiful woman stop showing so much skin and let everyone wonderfor a bit maybe south florida would respect you a little more

    • Juan says

      You must be joking – Vivian wears the longest skirts of all the Miami weather girls. If anything she needs to hike it up a bit and show a little more leg. Nothing wrong with that and we guys like to see nice legs.

  6. maria says

    Vivian gonzalez is a great weather girl. my daughter wants to wear six inch heels to school now because how seductive you look on t. Vivian has wanted to be a weather girl since she was young set an thereexample . Just to let you know south florida is not watching the weather because your a,good weather girl they are just waiting for you to point at the weather in canada or washington to look at your body in your skimpy sixteen again dresses. Sorry Vivian but be more professional its 5am and you look like you just came back from the nightclub with your six inch heels on.

    • pablo says

      BULLS–T ………let me tell you HALF of South Florida (the guys) are definitely watching the weather to see Vivian’s great legs. We can get the same weather on all stations, so which one do you think we will watch ? Hike it up a bit, Vivian !

  7. Jae says

    Vivian and Julie both show up every morning dressed like they’re ready for hooker row! What happened to just giving the weather. Vivian does all this sultry whispering, she has super thick upper legs, and both she and Julie look like they’ve been vacuum sealed in the clothes they wear. Julie tries to point her boobs to the sky; Vivian’s boobs are too high up under her chin. Neither look or act professional. Might as well let them give the weather naked as they leave nothing to the imagination. Clearly neither know what a lady is.

    • says

      I had to stop watching. The more recent image of the women standing together reminds me of a preview of another Housewives episodes. And as for the boys and men who have commented … Hike up that skirt and so forth, seriously, go buy a magazine. I can do without the sexy message being sent to young viewers. Such a shame, adding to the problem instead of trying to help the problem.

      • Steve Cohen says

        Watch another station and leave Viv alone. Even on the rainy days she puts some sunshine in sometimes dull life.

  8. Bernardo says

    I don’t understand why anyone would judge someone that has a honest job is not like she works in a strip club or anything like that and plus you all are judging like you know look in the mirror and stop judging people that’s why south florida is like it is right now cuz of you brown nosing people putting your nose where it don’t belong you all need to put your thought in to keeping your kids in school and not getting pregnant or becoming a stripper,to stay in school and become a professional like Vivian that makes honest money and if she dress like she likes is her business and her body, if WSVN 7 hire her it did not do it on her legs along I am sure those legs come whit a bachelors degree and hard work.

  9. Maurice says

    Viviana is the perfect girl for the job.She’s confident and has lots of passion.Not to mention her posture.and clarity with her diction doing her presentation. She is my girl

  10. Conjureman says

    Unless a cat 1 or bigger is on the way here what could be duller than the weather? So this dirty;ol 78 Senior likes a bit of eye candy with his relative humanditty and the other stuff. Viv is a well turned lass and I like her duds too. Soi you sayers of nay, CHANGA CHANNELS!

  11. Richita says

    Who cares about the weather anyway? It’s mostly the same every day, at least here in South Florida. It’s all about TV ratings. The sexier they look, the more people that will tune in. We must realize that we’re living in South Florida, where dressing sexy is the norm. Wake up people, this is 2014. Weather and news are a business whether you like it or not. Go online and Google the weather if you don’t wanna look at these “strippers”