Stefanie Woods on TV — While on House Arrest!

Remember Stefanie Woods, the teen known as Cookie Monster after she stole a Boynton Beach girl scout‘s cookie money and bragged about it on TV?

Well, at 22 now, she hasn’t beaten her sweet tooth for fame just yet!

Stefanie Woods

One of Stefanie Woods’ mug shots (Special to Gossip Extra)

Palm Beach County’s baddest girl got on cable’s Comedy Central Tuesday!

Somehow, Woods was interviewed about her life of crime by Tosh.O host Daniel Tosh — while under house arrest for yet another robbery!

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Woods became a nationally known example of wayward youth in 2008 when, at age 17, she and a friends stole $168 from a girls scout selling cookies in Boynton Beach — then bragged about it in a local TV interview.

Then, she became a convicted felon in late 2010 when she pleaded guilty to kidnapping and robbing of a man. She faced life in prison but instead was sentenced to drug treatment, two years house arrest and six years probation.

Her house arrest is supposed to end right before Christmas.

Check out the interview, in which she thanks Tosh for “getting her out of house arrest!” WARNING: MILD SEXUAL CONTENT!

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  1. Njbchgrl says

    The media has made such a big deal over her of course Hollywood would want to profit. She did her time and now doing some time for robbing a scum drug dealer and the police let the gun man go…enough already. She’s been the target since the Girl Scout incident. What happened to the redhead? Nothing…just like the gun man in the last incident.