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CIA Sex Scandal: Petraeus Florida Rat Owes Millions!


CIA Sex Scandal: Petraeus Florida Rat Owes Millions!

Jill Kelley

Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, the second woman who emerged as a player in the CIA sex scandal that cost Director David Petraeus his job, leaves her home without commenting this morning (Splash News)

There could be a good financial reason why Tampa socialite Jill Kelley blew the whistle on ex-CIA boss David Petraeus‘ affair with his biographer.

The story of the sexy tattletale’s takedown of master spy Petraeus is now worth millions!

And it so happens that social climber Jill and her oncologist hubby Scott Kelley owe millions to banks after the collapse of their real estate holdings in 2010, Gossip Extra has learned.

David Petraeus

Ex-CIA Director David Petraeus (Splash News)

The Kelleys currently are the targets of at least four indebtedness lawsuits, and two foreclosures in Hillsborough County, according to court records.

And they’re fighting to keep their properties, the records show.

UPDATE: Another general’s “inappropriate” email exchanges with Jill Kelley under investigation

None of the half dozen lawyers hired by the Kelleys to fight off banks and credit card companies returned calls or emails to discuss their cases.

And the Kelleys are communicating with the reporters through bland statements, none of them addressing their finances.

But the lawsuits could help the public understand why Jill Kelley, who’s better known in Tampa for the charity parties on the front lawn of her house, is now at the center of a major scandal.

According to published records, Jill Kelley brought emails she received from Petraeus’ alleged mistress, biographer Paula Broadwell, to the FBI.

That sparked a domino effect that culminated with the married Petraeus’ resignation from the spy agency last week, and his admission of an inappropriate relationship.

According to Tampa’s newspapers, the Kelleys and Petraeus became friends after he took over the military’s Central Command at Tampa’s McDill Air Force Base in 2008.

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At the time, Jill Kelley was a volunteer social liaison at the base.

Broadwell’s emails, however, hinted at more between Petraeus and Jill Kelley. If nothing else, the emails showed that Broadwell considered Jill as a rival for Petraeus’ attention.

Jill Kelley's historic Hyde Park home

Jill and Scott Kelley’s historic home, used to entertain ex-CIA boss David Petraeus, has been in foreclosure for nearly two years (Splash News)

Regions Bank, meanwhile, is trying to foreclose on the Kelleys historic waterfront house. That’s where the Kelley’s famously entertained Petraeus and his wife Holly in February 2010 during the Gasparilla boat parade.

Hillsborough records show the Kelleys bought the Georgian brick mansion in 2004 for $1.5 million. And Region now claims they defaulted on a $271,000-credit line with their house, at 1005 Bayshore Boulevard, as collateral.

The five-bedroomer, in the Hyde Park district, is currently worth $840,000, according to the county’s property appraiser.

Worse: Central Bank is trying to foreclose on a $2.1 million note it holds on a 12,000-square-foot downtown Tampa office building owned by the Kelleys!

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