Final Verdict: It’s Love For TV Judge!

Cristina Pereyra

Univision TV judge Cristina Pereyra (Telefutura Photo)

New power-couple alert in the 305:

Comely Univision TV judge Cristina Pereyra, star of reality show Veredicto Final (Final Verdict), has been attached at the hip of the Greenberg Traurig mega law-firm boss Cesar Alvarez lately!

Cristina Pereyra and Cesar Alvarez at a recent function

Judge Cristina Pereyra and Cesar Alvarez at a recent function (via Twitter)

And the coo-some twosome is playing it coy.

Neither responded for requests for comment about their relationship.

Yet, it’s not that Pereyra, a former Miami-Dade County Circuit Court judge, and Alvarez have been sneaking around. They’ve been photographed at an array of society events, including the Legal Legends dinner Oct. 27.

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From there, the judge twittered a photo of her and Alvarez with a text about how emotional it was to see Alvarez receiving an award!

Pereyra was married to prominent Miami criminal defense lawyer Alan Shuminer. The two were divorced in 2010, according to court records.

Alvarez was also married. Sources say he got out of his marriage about the same time as Pereyra but there was no divorce filing in Miami-Dade.

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    Verdicto final was canceled and this gold digger found this old man (btw he loos like a vampire) so she has somebody to pay her bills!!
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