Newlywed TV Anchor Joel Connable Found Dead!

Joel Connable

Former WTVJ-NBC 6 anchor Joel Connable was found dead this week in Seattle (Special to Gossip Extra)

Former WTVJ-NBC 6 anchorman Joel Connable was found dead in Seattle — just days after tying the knot and leaving Miami to relaunch his TV news career!

Joel Connable with new wife Angela Shlyakhov

Joel Connable in Fort Lauderdale with new wife Angela and his blood sugar sniffing dog Lola (Special to Gossip Extra)

Connable, 39, married his longtime girlfriend two weeks ago, and he was making his comeback to the big time at Seattle’s ABC affiliate KOMO after three years out of the news business.

Connable was fired from NBC 6 in 2009 for allegedly taking freebies — a no-no at the Broward County-based station. His wrongful termination lawsuit against the organization is still pending.

Foul play is not suspected in Connable’s death: He is believed to have suffered a diabetic seizure while at home sometime Tuesday!

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Connable was hitched to Miami paralegal Angela Shlyakhov, but the lovebirds were waiting until after November sweeps to have a ceremony for friends and family, and for Shlyakhov to relocate to be with Connable, according to the TV trade website NewsBlue.

Connable reported for work on Friday and anchored several news shows over the weekend, said KOMO News Director Holly Gauntt.

“He called in sick Monday, saying he was very, very sorry but he had caught a bad bug,” Gauntt said. “When he didn t show up for work late Tuesday, we called police and asked them to do a welfare check. Joel was found on the floor in his new apartment.”

His illness was so acute that Connable needed a blood sugar imbalance-sniffing therapy dog, Lola, who travelled with him everywhere. The pooch was with Connable when he died and may have warned him — but Connable’s insulin pump is believed to have malfunctioned.

“The (pump’s) lead line was disconnected,” Connable’s mother Roma told NewsBlues. “A bright light has gone out of our lives. Joel was a wonderful, cheerful, courageous guy, absolutely unique on this earth. He spread joy wherever he went.”

After his firing, Connable started his own web company, Travel TV News, which showcased vacation hotspots in paid segments during local news commercial breaks. KOMO convinced him to return to the news business a few weeks ago.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Gauntt. “He was ecstatic to be here and to be back in the business. He was already fitting in well. He would have succeeded here, of that I am sure. The staff is in shock.”

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  1. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    Dogs are amazing !! I am a Chairperson for a large Siberian Husky rescue org. We just donated two of our homeless Huskies to the Univ of Miami for a program they are started. This prog. will train dogs, in the Dx of cancerous cells, They will remove a sample of the tumor via biopsy and the Husky will simply smell the sample to determine if it is Benign or Cancerous.

    The dogs once trained will be sent to areas of the world where they do not have reliable Dx tools and tests. So far our huskies after 6 months of training are running 99.89 % in proper diagnosing.

    • mary says

      huskies in need of home, maybe you can train them to be a diabetic sniffing dog. I loved Joel on the news in S.Fl. He was great. Wish he was still here.

  2. jill aronofsky says

    My sympathy to Joel’s wife, family and friends. Never watched WTVJ regularly after he and Kelly Craig were terminated. Started listening to Joel on Tuesday morning on Susan Wise’s radio program. He always shared his illness with his viewers. It was very brave of him. He knew so much about his diabetes. He had such a bright future. May he rest in peace.

  3. tanyss says

    This is why we need to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes! I too am diabetic and have been for 30 years, my 4 year old daughter is as well. So saddened to hear of this loss of life to diabetes. Night time is the scariest time for all diabetics. My condolences to his family.

  4. Hec's mom says

    Sad, sad, sad! I wear an insulin pump and know when it’s not working properly by how I feel and checking my blood sugar. Ended up in the hospital when mine malfunctioned.

  5. Jodi says

    Having experience with T1 diabetes there are inaccuracies in this report. The dog could not save him because the dog is trained to sense low blood sugar events. in this case, his tubing came out without him realizing. He had flu like symptoms but unfortunately he did not connect that it could be because he was not receiving insulin. His blood sugar rose very high and he started spilling ketones putting him in DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis. He went into a coma and died. The dog cannot sense a high blood sugar. This same thing happened last night to my daughter. Luckily she immediately checked her blood sugar when she felt those flu like symptoms. We carefully worked together over the next 3 hours to get her back on track with injections and plenty of water to get rid of the ketones. A type 1 can get into trouble so quickly. I pray for a cure and send my condolences to his family. Another beautiful soul stolen by Type 1 Diabetes…

    • DD says

      You are correct with all that you stated but some dogs are now trained to detect high blood sugars and they can smell ketones very well. Something is fishy with the facts as stated in this article. Another article said he “carried” his insulin pump with him all the time. Really? Carried it? The reporting is so lousy too often when it comes to Type 1 diabetes.

  6. Wayne Arnold says

    How unfortunate. Joel did a great job on the news, handsome, articulate and very hard working. God Bless Joel and his family.