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Courthouse Drama in Wake of Vote


Courthouse Drama in Wake of Vote

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg

Palm Beach County State Attorney Elect Dave Aronberg (

Awkward moments in store for Palm Beach County State Attorney Elect Dave Aronberg!

When the former state senator takes over the county’s highest law enforcement office in January, his prosecutors will have to try cases in front of his arch-rival’s wife!

Gossip Extra hears Circuit Court Judge Robin Rosenberg, the missus of ex-State Attorney Michael McAuliffe, is being switched to the criminal division, from her current job in the civil division.

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Starting Jan. 22, she’ll preside over murder and mayhem cases that could make, or break, Aronberg!

Why awkward, and rife with conflicts?

McAuliffe resigned his office earlier this year while campaigning for a second term when it became apparent he’d lose the Democratic primaries to Aronberg. He also accused Aronberg of conspiring to embarrass him.

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Since then, Democrat McAuliffe and Rosenberg’s Palm Beach-based parents supported Republican Dina Keever for the gig.

They donated cash to Keever’s campaign (elections records show McAuliffe gave $5,000) and organized a fundraiser.

Yet Rosenberg is supposed to be impartial when, representing the citizens of Palm Beach County, Aronberg or his staff will try to convince her to sentence a defendant to jail or death?

Neither Rosenberg nor Chief Judge Peter Blanc, who decided the switcheroo, returned calls for comment.

Aronberg said he’d heard rumors Rosenberg is being moved to criminal cases but has not decided whether he’d ask her to recuse herself from criminal cases.

“I already have a transition team and we’ll discuss it,” he said.

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