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Election 2012: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Horny . . .


Election 2012: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Horny . . .

Barack Obama on Twitter

President Barack Obama announces his win last night on Twitter

A quick look at how some of the characters who, for better or worse, caught Gossip Extra‘s attention fared in yesterday’s election.


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a favorite among Palm Beach’s beachfront elite, started campaigning here more than three years ago. His campaign came full circle when three NFL owners with Palm Beach ties — the Miami Dolphins’ Stephen Ross, the New York Jets’ Woody Johnson and the Washington Redskins Dwight Schar — organized one of Romney’s last $50,000-per fundraisers here last month. In the end, President Barack Obama was too strong in Florida and other swing states.


Tea party favorite U. S. Congressman Allen West was first elected in Miami-Dade and Broward counties on the anti-Obama wave of 2010. For his encore, West travelled up I-95 to run in a newly-designed district supposed to go Republican red. West’s campaign against Democratic newcomer Patrick Murphy degenerated into the political equivalent of no holds barred trench warfare. West even went after Gossip Extra for publishing a letter he wrote to his wife in which he forcefully demanded anal sex, a porn star-like behavior and her sporting skimpy bikinis at the beach. Murphy appears to be a winner this morning, by 2,456 votes — but West is planning to sue for a recount!


Ex-State Senator Dave Aronberg , meanwhile, became Palm Beach County’s highest-ranking law enforcement official. The Democratic stalwart won big against GOPer Dina Keever and Indie Robert Gershman in the race for State Attorney. Keever made Gossip Extra Monday: She was sued for the second time by a campaign worker claiming Keever failed to pay him! Incidentally, Aronberg’s biggest opponent became The Palm Beach Post. Post honchos accused him of releasing to Gossip Extra and embarrassing emails showing an extremely cozy relationship between the newspaper and former State Attorney Michael McAuliffe. The cash-strapped daily spent $50,000-plus to investigate Aronberg but couldn’t find clear ethics violation. And its notoriously liberal editorial board showered the few readers it has left with an unprecedented series of negative editorials, and endorsed Republican Keever. Showing that the Post‘s political influence has become null, voters cast twice as many ballots for Aronberg as Keever.


— Broward County lawyer Bob Nichols, who ran for judge, sneaked onto Gossip Extra‘s radar with his alleged text messages to a woman who went to him for help in a domestic violence case. The messages obviously showed Nichols, who is married and has two children, was in an improper relationship with the woman — six months before the election! Nichols lost to Olga Levine by 25,000 votes.


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