Boca Moron: Voter in Trouble Over MIT Tee!

MIT t-shirt

Is it MIT, or Mitt? (Special to Gossip Extra)

Only in Florida, kids!

A woman who a wore t-shirt that read MIT — That’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology! — was barred from voting by a poll worker in Boca Raton.

The poll worker apparently thought the woman was too obvious in her support of Republican presidential candidate MITT Romney!

The incident was first reported by today.

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“Multiple sources” tell the website that an election supervisor ultimately realized that MIT stands for the Cambridge, Mass., university.

The problem occurred because campaigning, including the waving of signs and sporting of t-shirt with political messages, is not permitted near polling places.

The jilted voter was ultimately allowed to cast her ballot.

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  1. Chuck Hutchings says

    Unless I’m missing something: “Voters may wear campaign buttons, shirts, hats, or any other campaign items when they enter the polling place to vote; voters may not otherwise campaign there.” (From the Polling Place Procedures Manual incorporated within Rule 1S-2.034, Florida Administrative Code)
    So, merely going to the polls wearing campaign paraphernalia is OK, but, by statute (s. 102.031(4), Florida Statutes), one cannot solicit voters within 100 foot of the entrance to any polling place.

    • Jose Lambiet says

      Thanks for this Chuck. Obviously, a poll volunteer in West Boca wasn’t properly educated — which is a problem throughout the country today, from new reports.