Firehouse Grilled Over Obama TP

Obama toilet paper

Rolls of toilet paper bearing the photo of President Barack Obama are for sale on various websites for $5-a-roll! (Special to Gossip Extra)

Tissue issue?

A South Florida firehouse is, well, under fire today after officials discovered rolls of toilet paper bearing the picture of President Barack Obama in use there.

Sensitive administrators in Pompano Beach are investigating how the offending TP — which sells for 5 bucks per roll on various websites — ended up in a building ultimately owned by taxpayers.

And it’s not the first political incident at the firehouse, located on Northeast 16th Street near Sample Road.

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Earlier this month, a firefighter was ordered to remove anti-Obama stickers from his locker!

“If you have an opinion your certainly entitled to it, everyone has their opinion,” City spokeswoman Sandra King told WSVN-Channel 7. “Put it on your own personal vehicle or your own personal things. But you don’t display it on city property, on city grounds that maybe someone else doesn’t agree with that politically motivated and its inappropriate.”

Besides the investigation, the Mitt Romney-pushing perp has to contend with the fact that Pompano Beach is overwhelmingly pro-Obama!

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  1. Carol says

    That is disgusting! Whomever was responsible should be reprimanded. I can’t recall any similarities in levels of hate over any other president in my lifetime. Not even Nixon, not even GWB!! Those who say they aren’t racist are simply liars. This behavior is just beneath any human being!

    • John says

      I have just as many African American friends as I do many friends from many different ethnicity’s. Just because the current presidents face is on a roll of toilet paper and he happens to be African American doesn’t make them raciest, they have that right to there opinion and quiet frankly I find it humorous. I think that ever shitty president that has ever served our nation should have there face on that roll. You have the right to your opinion as well as I do and others. And if you don’t like it take your ass somewhere else.

  2. BAFRED says

    You know what is ironic. These firefighters may be using the President’s face to wipe their butts, but Mitt Romney will wipe his butt with them. The Republican party, and Romney/Romney are ANTI-union. They don’t believe firefighters, police officers – deserve the right to have unions to bargain for their benefits. Voting for Romney and Ryan is voting against their own socio-economic interests. Truly, and amazingly ignorant.

  3. Crooked Cop Hater says

    I’m seeing most ALL of my firefighter and police friends on FB siding with Romney. I can personally say that at least HALF of them are racists, as I’ve worked with them and know their true feelings. This just goes to show you that probably more are racists than you would think.

  4. Dave says

    It’s strange how police, fire and emergency services personnel all seem to swing to the right after a few years in the job. Could it be that they see more of the realities of life than the average wage-earner and the socialist do-gooder amateurs. While I support the rights of the city and their property in this example I can sympathise with the frustrations of good men seeing their country destroyed around them.