LeBron James’ Mom Beats Rap — Again!

LeBron and Gloria James

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James and his mommy (Splash New)

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James‘ mother had to work hard this week to stay out of the slammer!

Gloria James scrambled to prove that she did the 20 hours of community service ordered by a court after her 2011 alleged assault of a Miami Beach valet.

Court officials claimed she didn’t serve the time, which could have spelled j-a-i-l for Gloria!

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The 44-year-old Mama James still has a Nov. 19 date with a Miami-Dade County judge for what could be a trial on charges of battery and disorderly intoxication, and possibly a jail sentence, Gossip Extra has learned.

But that could be changed into a simple hearing if the judge approves the evidence that Gloria James supposedly provided at the last minute to show she’s on the up and up.

“Ms. James submitted proof that she completed 20 community service hours,” State Attorney Spokesman Ed Griffith emailed in a statement.

According to court records, James agreed to perform the service by late September — in exchange for the dismissal of the charges stemming from the alleged assault of a Fontainebleau Miami Beach valet.

In April 2011, LeBron’s ma was accused of pimp-slapping Rock Feller Sorel in a drunken rage sparked by an argument over the speed of Sorel’s service as a valet.

The pre-trial intervention program was offered to her in March. It allows most first time offenders in usually non-violent crimes to start anew.

The legal system, meanwhile, seems to have problems dealing with the fiery lady, who once tried to take on half the Boston Celtics in a courtside tussle.

Last month, she was ordered by a civil court judge to be in Miami two days before a court-mandated mediation that she had missed twice before.

Gloria James’ lawyer did not return calls for comment.

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  1. NL P says

    Really? Only in Miami!! What a corrupt city. Spring breakers get hit with the book just by “looking” at the Miami Beach police. Give me a break and throw the “bioche” in jail!