Emily Pantelides to CBS12: Buh-Bye Now!

CBS 12's Emily Pantelides

Dog-lover Emily Pantelides scampers from CBS12 after morning demotion (Special to Gossip Extra)

News-reading Greek goddess Emily Pantelides has abruptly resigned from WPEC-Channel 12, Gossip Extra has learned.

The perky one quietly turned in her papers Friday, just a month after she and morning partner Juan Carlos Fanjul were demoted to weekend newscasts — television’s Siberia!

Until today, most of Pantelides’ colleagues didn’t realize the 32-year-old, who’s been at the Palm Beach County/Treasure Coast CBS affiliate for four years, told station officials she’d be gone by Nov. 9.

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“I’m contractually obligated not to comment,” the pint-sized personality said when asked about her imminent departure.

News Director Cathy Younkin emailed a comment this am: “Nothing is confirmed. So there’s no comment.”

Still, the move left CBS12 bosses scrambling for a replacement at the worst time of year: November is the fall month during which television stations are audience rated. The ratings then set advertising prices.

A colleague of Pantelides who asked not to be named said Pantelides’ departure isn’t surprising.

“The morning shows are among the most important in television,” the source said. “Moving Emily to weekends is just not good for her career.”

Now firmly anchored at No. 3 except in rare time slots, CBS 12 shook up its news lineup earlier this month.

Ratings-getters Suzanne Boyd and Eric Roby were plucked from prime-time and replaced Pantelides and Fanjul in wake-up time.

The latter were re-assigned to street reporting weekdays and anchoring the news Saturdays and Sundays.

The station also brought in Seattle anchorman Joe Discepolo to take fill the coveted nightly news’ slot left open when Curt Fonger‘s contract wasn’t renewed.

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  1. SciGuy says

    Emily should find a nice PR job like Lauren Laponzina did with Wellington Regional Medical Center. Maybe Emily would like to start a family just as Lauren stated in her Post article in August? Anyway it’s just like CBS12 to kick their help around and allow many a talented anchor to leave as in the past. It’s interesting how many of WPTV (5) staff have shown up on other stations as have those from WPBF (25) in addition to the migration of locals who have moved on to bigger markets like one local anchor from WPBF to CNN. It must be the nature of the business as they all play the ratings game to scramble for ad dollars. Get ’em young and cheap or hire those who are ready to retire from their big city jobs and settle down in south Florida.