TV Stations: Powerless in Abortion Gross Out?

With South Florida TV viewers complaining about extremely graphic political ads running on network affiliates, Gossip Extra has obtained the official answer from one TV executive to an outraged man subjected to images of an abortion in prime-time!

Randall Terry

Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry (Special to Gossip Extra)

It’s another story broken by Gossip Extra this weekend: U.S. Congress hopeful Randall Terry has flooded network affiliates in the Miami and West Palm Beach areas with paid ads showing dead fetuses and baby body parts — scenes that TV censors would no doubt cut out of prime-time crime series.

Click here to view one of the ads WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!

Terry, by the way, is an anti-abortion crusader running as an independent against incumbent U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

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All station officials reached by Gossip Extra have declined to comment or simply ignored our attempts.

So one reader agreed to share the lengthy response he received to his strong objection from Bob Leider, general manager of the Fox affiliate WSVN-Channel 7 in Miami:

Dear Sir,

On a personal level, I share your views about the advertisement.

Unfortunately, my personal views do not override federal law.

We consulted thoroughly with our legal counsel, who also consulted with staff of the Federal Communications Commission, about this advertisement.

As was made clear to us, Mr. Terry is a candidate for Congress, according to the Florida Division of Elections, which list him as “Qualified” as a candidate for United States House of Representatives in Florida’s District 20. Please see:

Under federal statutory law, television and radio broadcast stations are required to accept advertisements from candidates for federal office, and in addition, under federal statutory law, broadcast stations are prohibited from censoring the content of advertisements of federal candidates for office.

In short, our hands were tied legally.

Under these circumstances, the law required us to run Mr. Terry’s ad without censoring it at all.

We preceded the ad with a warning to our viewers, which was the most that we were allowed to do.

Sincerely Bob Leider

Well, SoFla, do you believe Leider — or are the TV stations laying down before a fringe candidate and playing dead?

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  1. Mary says

    Terry doesn’t live in the Florida district he’s illegally running for! — according to The Washington Post, he lives at a secret address in Virginia! His adultery mansion’s location is secret because he doesn’t want to be picketed for his adultery, supporting priests’ pedophilia, and trafficking women’s wombs for those pedophiles!

  2. Sara says

    Does this whack job even realize what he is doing? My kids saw this ad, and they are 13 and 4 yrs old! I do NOT care who anyone is voting for, nor is it my business anyone’s views on abortion. But promoting your political campaign and agenda by airing photos of dead babies is completely revolting and WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sydney says

    I call absolute BS! I understand that they have to fairly run political advertisements, but there’s no way an attorney worth half his weight in salt can’t find a way, a law, something to protect us and our families from the vile content of that commercial! No way!!! Blur it, do whatever you have to do!

    And the “warning to viewers” on a political ad, I thought it was some new, catchy way another politician was trying to grab our attention. I had NO IDEA it was an actual warning. The warning should be a speaker reading the warning and explaining this is a legit warning and it should probably last longer than the commercial so you have time to clear out, well, everyone or just change the damn channel.

    And the time of day/night in which they play this vile crap must lie solely on the shoulders of the station. How dare you bring that into my living room/kitchen at dinner time!!! For that matter, how dare you bring it into my house, period, but at least play it at 2:47 a.m., one time, and be done with your “duty.”

    I am furious over this, and that rage will not be leaving after the election is done. Somehow someone must pay for that damage and trauma. I can foresee my children remembering that vile crap well into adulthood. I don’t care if you’re pro choice, pro life, anti life, anti choice….WHATEVER!!! We’ve been violated and there MUST BE consequences!!!!

    • says

      Yes, that’s for sure, Sydney. Someone must “someone must pay for that damage and trauma” due to in utero child-killing (abortion), and, I agree 100% that “We’ve been violated” and women have been lied to by the in utero child-killing industry.

  4. Gina says

    I do not understand why everyone is so OFFENDED at these ADS! Come on, I know it hurts sometimes to see and hear the truth. It is time to stop OVERLOOKING MURDER because you do not want to see it. Take a stand for LIFE and stop your whining! Just IMAGINE if that was you get pulled apart! People care more about trees and turtles instead of human life. God HELP THIS NATION.