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Lynn Debate’s Bird-Flipping Journo Identified


Lynn Debate’s Bird-Flipping Journo Identified

Fox News flipping

Miami New Times shutterbug Jake Katel flips off Fox News viewers Monday at Lynnn University (Fox News)

The media member caught flipping the bird to Fox News viewers before the presidential debate at Lynn University this week has been unmasked!

It’s Miami New Times photographer Jacob Katel, who was proudly outed by the alternative weekly today!

“I wanted to use their airwaves against them,” said Katel, obviously not a fan of the conservative network.

“I don’t think it was the best idea,” said Katel’s boss, Editor-in-Chief Chuck Strouse. “But it was damn funny.”

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Viewers inundated Fox News with complaints Monday afternoon when they noticed someone sticking out his middle finger in the background of a live Shepard Smith interview of former U.S. Army General Wesley Clark.

Lynn officials apparently saw Katel was up to no good and had him held by Boca Raton Police until a U.S. Secret Service agent threatened to ban him from media events for life.

Eventually, Katel was allowed back in the media room.

“Jake’s leaving us for another job anyway,” said Strouse when asked if he considered firing Katel.


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