Neighborhood Ripped Apart by Kardashians!

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

Kim (left) and Kourtney Kardashian, out and about in Miami Beach (Splash News)

The Kardashians have pitted neighbor against neighbor in the otherwise quiet San Souci area of North Miami — less than two weeks after their arrival.

The producers of a new E! reality show starring Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have complained that a resident near the series’ production set, a $100,000-a-month mansion, is trying to get rich quick by charging the cast and crew exorbitant parking fees.

Kardashian house in North Miami

The Kardashians’ fancy rental in North Miami (Click on the photo for more local houses of celebrities)

And that has caused a rift with the homeowners association that green-lighted three months worth of filming on the gated street.

A good old fashioned Trojan War over comely sisters?

HOA VP Richard Otero says the resident asked for $500 a day to allow production trucks and cars to park on a vacant lot — after chasing away vehicles parked curbside.

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That resident, realtor Jeff Tomlinson, is selling the empty lot on behalf of an investor and said his client, not him, wants the cash.

And Tomlinson added the cast and crew have no choice since there’s no street parking, especially not in front of his home!

“That’s extortion,” said Otero. “There is street parking here.”

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“I merely called the producers to tell them they couldn’t park in front of my driveway and proposed that they park on the empty lot,” said Tomlinson. “For that, they’d have to pay since I control the property on behalf of a client.”

Local cops and city officials even got called in by the Kardashians’ producers to settle things down.

“Now, another resident is letting them park on his property,” said Tomlinson. “That’s fine with me.”

Otero, meanwhile, took umbrage to the Gossip Extra story about San Souci homeowners’ queasiness with the Kim and Kourtney show’s entourages, paparazzi, celebs and gawkers.

“The Kardashians are more than welcome here,” said Otero. “They’re considerate and very professional.”

They’re so nice, he added, that they may rent one of his fancy properties in Bimini!

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  1. Alamundo Cooper says

    I’m sure if the person focused more on his business than extorting money from the Kardashians and Trying to get his name out there, more than it is he wouldn’t have so many empty lots or homes for sale

  2. YQue says

    Is there No way to get these Fat slutty sisters off the newspage, and back to the obscurity they so richly deserve?

    At least Kim is fairly attractive, in a sex tape porn pro type of way, but those other two are disgusting Pigs! With nasty mouths and an entitled attitude.

    The dumbing down of America continues at full speed.