Sports Talk to Ex-Fin Troy Stradford: You’re Fired!

Ex-Miami Dolphins star Troy Stradford

Fired: Ex-Miami Dolphins running back Troy Stradford (Special to Gossip Extra)

Former Miami Dolphins star Troy Stradford was officially fired from WMEN-640 Sports this morning, a day after he questioned fellow 640 sports talker Sid Rosenberg‘s professionalism.

Nearly four years after he was hired, the former running back received an email from James Crystal Radio Group’s VP Steve Lapa to let him know not to return to the Fort Lauderdale station for his 10 a.m. show today.

“I am surprised,” the 49-year-old Stradford said. “I thought they just sent me home for the day (Thursday).”

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Keith Sims, an offensive lineman who played with Stradford in Miami for one of Sims’ 11 NFL seasons, is set to take over the time slot Monday.

As Gossip Extra reported exclusively yesterday, Stradford was yanked off-the-air during a commercial break on his show when he and his listeners started criticizing Rosenberg, whose program airs before Stradford’s.

Rosenberg, Stradford told me, has made a habit out of spilling over into his broadcast time. In the past, it was just a few minutes. Yesterday, it was an hour — and Stradford said he got emotional!

“I know Sid does a good show,” Stradford said on the air, “but management is letting him — and that’s disrespectful to me and you (the listeners)”

What’s next for Stradford?

“It’s not because I was in the NFL that I don’t need a job,” he said. “I’m looking for another radio job in this market.”

He also continues on with high school football color commentary on Comcast and Dolphins analysis on

Said Lapa: “Troy let his emotions cloud his performance. We can’t have that.”

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  1. jpq1999 says

    Sid Rosenberg is the biggest dirtbag loser I’ve ever heard on the radio. He’s a Howard Stern wannabe w/out the talent. Why this drug addled, narcissistic clown has had chances at virtually every sports radio station in SoFla is an indication of how bad the talent is down here.

    • AB says

      I absolutely agree with jpq1999. Why do radio stations keep hiring a known alcoholic and drug addict. Because it makes interesting radio??? I am even surprised to hear that such an imp gets shot after shot in the radio market down here after being found half nakes sucking his thumb driving drunk while on I-95 attempting to get somewhere after leaving a stripper club. Is this the kind of man we want to represent a business in any arena? Firing Stradford is an ABSOLUTE MORONIC decision by the administration. They must have a kindred relation to Rosenberg!! Stradford should file a report with such organizations as the Better Business Bureau and American Civil Liberties Union.

  2. says

    SORRY Mr, Lapa, you were disrespectful of Stradford, you allowed Rosenberg to constantly go over into the next program. If your cop out is you didn’t know it then i suggest you hire someone to run the station, If you wanted Rosenberg to have the next slot too then you should have fired stradford and given it to him. But what really is typical of bosses with more power then either brains or compassion you E-MAIL stradford he is fired and don’t come in. WOW, WOW. I don’t care for rosenberg at all but he has listeners so be it. I for one will listen to another station for two reasons one you have no back bone ,two you had other options and for what ever reason chose to allow this disrespect to continue and then when it is addressed by they only one who could other then you ,you fire him. I SIR, think you should get and E-MAIL fireing you. see how it feels. There are millions of people who have been layed off, fired and can not feed their families or save their homes and you sir just reenforce the general feeling that the BIG WIGS DON’T GIVE A DAM . and to be honest honor,honesty, loyalty do not exist in your life so don’t expect it to exist in the employees lives either.

  3. SF Sports Fan says

    What are the odds on Rosenberg lasting more than a year on the station? Or two years?

    How this NY clown gets his name called over and over for jobs here still baffles me. It just shows the lack of talent in South Florida to have to resort to him. Being honest, is he that good/great on the air? He has his moments in sports, but for the most part he is a terrible Howard Stern imitator/wannabe, and his off-sport banter on most any other subject is weak and a dime a dozen. Oh yeah, don’t forget Limbaugh/Hannity/Kaufman etc too, with all of Sid’s well thought out, cogent “political talk”——LOL!

    Sid is a walking NY cliche’ and buffoon. Troy will land on his feet. I hope Slater leaves too, and 640 sinks.

  4. swole says

    I stopped listening to the morning show when I heard sid the idiot that is on 640. Now Troy gets fired. For what? The comments the morning show person makes it ridiculous. Slater and the Big O are the only people left with any sense. I guess i”ll move on to another station.

  5. charles says

    This is sad for Troy to lose his job over Sid, Troy was the only reason I listen to the station, nobody wants to hear Sid talk about New York. I guess I will have to listen to 560, since Sid was fired from that station. Only a few years ago it was Sid and Joe Rose but nobdy got fired.

  6. Vic Prelle says

    The first day grossenberg went on the air on 640 he spilled over onto Troy’s show. Just goes to show the unprofessionalism and ignorance of this douchebag.
    I blame the station management for allowing this to happen who did nothing but fire the guy who was only defending his time slot.
    Don’t worry folks, this cretins days are numbered. He’s never held on to any gig.

  7. John B says

    Troy was just standing up for himself. It is disgraceful what they Wmen was allowing to happend. THEY DIDNT DO ANYTHING, It is definitely and Obama thing especially since Sid is a staunch Republican.

  8. Jim says

    Said Lapa: “Troy let his emotions cloud his performance. We can’t have that.”

    Right. Because Rosenberg never does that. Get a clue pal. You’ll see what everyone else sees soon, and will wish you kept Troy around and bounced the other guy.

    I’ll never listen to WMEN again.

  9. Just Sayin... says

    Sid is shooting for the afternoon drive time slot. Don’t forget that. He will do anything at all to grow into that slot. Any publicity is GOOD publicity for guys like him. Trying to be a rogue but only damaging his family and children. How his wife who is an attny would let him drive with a suspended license and not turn him in speaks loads about his and her values. It’s all about “me”. Though I do hope he gets the help he needs in AA, NA, GA it will turn his life around. Right now he’ll rip off his audience touting a betting site, or air condition company if he gets some payola. He is so insecure it hurts to listen to him, so I have stopped.

  10. jpc1591 says

    Sid is a scumbag. Anyone who hres him fits that category as well. To fire Stadford, who does a good job, is disgusting. Big O better watch his back. 640 just lost alot of goodwill from its listeners.

  11. Ace Sports says

    All you yahoos raving about Stradford and ripping Sid are so out of tune with reality I just have to laugh. Oh yah, and it’s you idiots calling in on Stradford’s show on Thursday that got him fired. Good job. As I listened to all you callers ripping Sid I said to myself-“good by Troy you had a good run.” You can’t rip management and a guy (Sid) that has almost doubled listenership since he came on board. What was he thinking. And to let his callers do the same was suicide. Troy was a backup in the nfl and he will be a backup in radio. With that said I have my own opinion. I started to listen to 640 recently and stayed with the station do to Sid, Slater, and “The Big O”–not Troy Stradford. I would change the station when he came on and then turn it back on in the afternoon. Troy might be a good person and family man but radio?–no thanks. Sid is the Howard Stern of sports. He has a HUGE loyal following. Management doesn’t just let people go-all about the ratings dudes–Duh

    • Terry says

      Sorry Ace,

      Troy was the best talent on 640. All the best Troy, miss listening to you and will be there when you get back on the air at a real station. As far as Sid I hope he gets his act together as far as his addictions then go on to what he is really meant to do and its not radio, at least not down here.