Mogul Broke House Arrest Monitor With Mirror!

Convicted DUI killer John Goodman, the Wellington polo mogul on house arrest while he appeals his case, tried to use a hand mirror to pry open his ankle monitor, according to Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw.

John Goodman

John Goodman, back in his polo days (Special to Gossip Extra)

It took 35 seconds for authorities to be alerted and Goodman, 49, was taken in custody as he exited the bathroom last night by an off-duty deputy assigned by the court system to be with Goodman 24/7.

Bradshaw said in the wake of the Gossip Extra scoop about the incident that he doesn’t know what Goodman’s intentions were.

Goodman is back behind bars today pending a hearing before Judge Jeffrey Colbath, the judge who presided over his criminal case and allowed Goodman to go home during the appeal.

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According to Bradshaw, Goodman was in the his mansion’s upstairs bathroom shortly before midnight when he attempted to pry open the bracelet with a hand mirror. In the process, water seeped into the monitor, causing it to send a signal showing it was being tampered with.

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John Goodman's ankle monitor

The ankle monitor in the shape that deputies found it on John Goodman early this morning (Courtesy PBSO)

“There’s no doubt he tried to open it,” Bradshaw said.

“The device is encased in plastic and the front of the device was broken.

“These devices are rugged and sophisticated. He did not accidentally bump it up.”

Bradshaw says deputies found scissors but it didn’t appear that Goodman tried to use them.

“In the end of the day, look at what’s going on in America today,” Bradshaw opined.

“You have all these celebrities and rich people who break the law and believe the rules don’t apply to them.

Well, that won’t happen here.”

Goodman is appealing his 16-year sentence for the DUI death of 23-year-old Scott Wilson in 2010.

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  1. TIDE ferrari racing,Farrah Donnard,palm beach. says

    Terrific,not so good, GOOGMAN said they would never take him alive. Many legit polo teams not playing at his polo club this season. Tip, Club for sale again! TID bit’s !

  2. Toni says

    Goodman should never have been allowed to have “house arrest.” He is a flight risk as he could easily afford to fly out of the country on a private jet without benefit of a passport. Once in Mexico he could pay his way to obscurity. Colbath had better stop pandering to the wealth and put this guy in jail where he belongs. This guy is a rich drunk who cares nothing about the young man he killed, and in reality all he had to do was stop and render aid but that was beyond his limited comprehension. To him the young man was insignificant.

    • Dee says

      I agree! The judge was too lenient as was he with dahlia dippolitto..He has the resources to flee no matter who is watching him! Obviously he was trying to get the monitor off because he was going somewhere! Lock up his stupid a–. He has spit in the judge’s face! He’s

  3. Kate says

    Why are the tax payers paying a deputies 24/7 to stay with him. Please… Put him in the jail until he goes for his appeal. It would be far less expensive to place him in PBC Jail.
    Your poll is a little off. We are not saving money by him being on house arrest since they assigned a deputy to be with him at ALL times. Again we throw tax payer money away on people like him. With his kind of money he should have to pay us for his deputy they assigned to him.

    • Ebullient says

      I agree that he should be in jail, and that he is an irresponsible drunk, however, just fyi- I believe Judge Colbath did rule that Goodman would pay for his own PBSO 24/7 security, estimated to cost about two grand per day.

      • Jose Lambiet says

        That is correct. I made it clearer in the story. Goodman pays for 100 percent of the costs associated with the house arrest. He does not, however, pay for his jail stay. Hell of a story, right?

        • Dee says

          He could still outsmart the law with his money and resources. bad move on the part of the judge! This is the judge that has Dippolitto sitting at home as well! She should also be in prison!

  4. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    I bet the deputies assigned to him are pissed…now it is back to the jail for them as well. No more sitting in JG lavish media room watching TV all day/night. You would think they would have been on him all the time for their well being as well as his. I bet Black will push that appeal thru alot faster now that his cash cow is locked up.

    • Jack says

      See below responses and get your facts straight before responding Kate…you’re getting all worked up over total fiction. PBSO has been using Goodman as a cashcow to fill in all their corruption and deficits for months now. Looks like you better tighten those purse strings now Bradshaw bud

  5. Jack says

    Bradshaw is an complete idiot. I know for a fact (i.e. know several parties involved ) that those pictures were taken well after the initial malfunction whereafter they opened up the device and took pictures to show the malfunction. I wish Bradford would quit grandstanding and talking to the media and giving the reputable (and non brain-dead) policeforce a bad rap

  6. Bill says

    the taxpayers aren’t paying for 24/7 of-duty security…it’s costing Goodman roughly $750,000/yr…..

  7. YQue says

    So Bradshaw thinks celebrities and famous people are breaking the Law, because they believe it does not apply to them?

    Would that include his own Chief of internal Affairs who was photographed with the naked Hooker at the golf course- with his underage son by his side?

    What a loudmouth hypocrite is this Sheriff Bradshaw!

  8. Phoenix says

    All everyone is concerned with is this spoiled a$$-hole, Goodman. A family lost their young son… Goodman is a coward who is gonna panic &try to run… Oh wait, he kinda already tried. Lock him up & no house arrest! He is a flight risk, big time!

  9. Jack says

    This is a travesty for the Scott’s parents, and family. The judge could of made that appellate bond 400million or just flat not granted at all, based on JG being a flight risk. Well, now he is absolutely a flight risk, and one who would try to bribe, steal, and spit in anyone’s face, to stay out of jail. This judge should do what he was elected to do, and bring justice. Keep this wonderful, productive, repentant citizen, behind bars!