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Reggie Bush: “I Have a Little One on The Way!”


Reggie Bush: “I Have a Little One on The Way!”

Reggie Bush and girlfriend Lilit Avagyan

Reggie Bush and girlfriend Lilit Avagyan, in July in Paris (Click on the photo for more)

Miami Dolphins star Reggie Bush confirmed today his girlfriend of a year is pregnant with their baby!

“We’re pretty excited,” Bush said during an appearance on South Florida radio’s Paul and Young Ron Morning Show minutes ago. “We’re bringing a new life into the world and to raise a child is a gift for a man and woman.”

Rumor this week was that Bush’s galpal, Lilit Avagyan, is about 12 weeks along.

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Avagyan is a dead-ringer for Bush’s former longtime squeeze Kim Kardashian who, incidentally, is filming a new reality series in Miami.

To listen to Reggie’s announcement, click:

While Bush was trying hard to keep his Avagyan relationship a secret, Gossip Extra first busted the couple in July when it first ran photos of the lovebirds in Paris.

The photos were taken as Bush and Avagyan left the original Cartier jewelry store near the Champs Elysees, with Avagyan looking at her bare ring finger (below).

Click for more photos of Bush and Avagyan on their European vacation, and other celebs chillin’

If my calculations are correct, the couple conceived either in Paris or on their summer trip through Europe.

Bush said on the show — on Big 105.9 south of Boca and Real Radio 94.3 north — he doesn’t know the gender of the baby.

“I’m hoping for a boy,” Bush said. “If it’s a girl and she looks anything like her mom, we’re all in trouble.”

Reggie Bush with girlfriend Lilit Avagyan

What, no ring? Miami Dolphins star Reggie Bush and galpal Lilit Avagyan were spotted at the Cartier store in Paris this summer (Click for more photos)


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