West Palm Man Dies After Eating Cockroaches


A swarm of common American cockroaches (Special to Gossip Extra)

A 32-year-old West Palm Beach man died over the weekend after eating dozens of cockroaches and worms during a roach-eating contest in Deerfield Beach.

Ed Archbold

Ed Archbold, in a booking photo from 2004 in Monroe County. He was arrested in Marathon, in the Florida Keys, and charged with indecent exposure (Special to Gossip Extra)

The competition was organized by the Ben Siegel Reptiles store, and the winner was to get a python.

Now, Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives are investigating the death.

UPDATE: Shards of roaches likely killed Archbold

The victim was identified as Edward Archbold.

Minutes after Friday night’s contest, according to a BSO spokeswoman, Archbold started feeling ill. He started regurgitating and later collapsed shortly after exiting the store.

Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue responded to the scene and transported Archbold to Broward Health North, where he was pronounced dead.

None of the half dozen other contestants appeared to have medical issues after consuming the roaches.

An autopsy of Archbold took place over the weekend and results won’t be available for weeks.

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The store put up a video of the contest earlier today on YouTube showing Archbold gagging and choking on the insects.

The video disappeared from the site this afternoon but Gossip Extra found this one of a worm-eating contest Friday at the store:

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  1. Sharon says

    OK, I am thoroughly grossed out and close to throwing up looking at this!!! This should be hidden away from the great celeb photos!

  2. Cierra says

    That man is so NASTY! I cant even imagine some woman kissing him! So if he died thats good for him! Why did he have to listen to that STUPID ASS DIRECTOR! He looks so dirty! The rest of those losers are also a stupid ass just like their stupid ass director!! WOW!

  3. Cierra says

    Since I just found out about this Stupid thing! Everytime i think about someone eating a cockroach i just wanna throw up on myself! Ugh eww