Miami Housewife’s Son Eyed in Homeless Assault

Real Housewives of Miami's Alexia Echevarria with sons Peter and Frankie Rosello

The Real Housewives of Miami’s Alexia Echevarria with sons Peter (right) and Frankie Rosello (Special to Gossip Extra)

Peter Rosello, the son of The Real Housewives of Miami‘s Alexia Echevarria, just posted on Facebook a video in which he punches a sleeping homeless man in the groin!

And that could cost the 20-year-old Rosello, a model.

Miami Beach cops are looking for the man who’s hit hard on the footage to interview him. Cops want to know whether he was truly a victim, or a willing participant.

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“Our homeless outreach folks are trying to find the man who’s getting punched,” says Miami Beach Police Spokesman Bobby Hernandez. “That’s the first step. It’s possible that this incident didn’t even occur here.

“Once the alleged victim is interviewed, we’ll see about charges.”

Check out the footage. WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE

Rosello, a recent grad of Monsignor Edward Pace High School, published the video yesterday, adding these words: “Lmfao on South Beach. Funny video I found!”

To someone who asked what was the point of it all, Rosello responded: “People have a sweetspot for hobos …”

Then this: “I’m f…ing around though. I feel bad for those people. didn’t mean to offend anyone. They got my love. I always give them like 5 bucks or weed.”

RHOM is currently in its second season on Bravo. Echevarria, who calls herself “The Cuban Barbie,” is the executive editor of Venue, a Miami-based lifestyle magazine.

She didn’t return calls but Herman Echevarria, her politically-connected husband and Rosello’s stepfather said: “It’s an unfortunate thing. But it just looks like kids playing. It’s not really violent.”

UPDATE: Cops find and interview the homeless man, who tells them he will press charges

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  1. YQue says

    Pop says it’s not really violent. Let’s get him on his back for a nutcheck of his own.

    And about a Dozen for the Punk kid.

  2. YQue says

    And Mom calls herself the “Cuban Barbie”?

    That overtight face of hers gives her the exact look of a Raptor from Jurassic park.

  3. Clint says

    These are disgusting, entitled, nasty people and they should be taken off of Real Housewives immediately. Contact Bravo TV and tell them so.

  4. Marilu says

    He is a disgusting loser, doesn’t even look like a professional model. Let him get hit in the groin and feel how it hurts. What a wimp he is. His mother should be removed from the Miami Housewives. BRAVO TV NEEDS TO ACT NOW!!!

  5. gabriela Carolina says

    Peter Rosello is insensitive towards others and he committed a crime. He should pay for it. I really hope that his well known attorney will not get him out of this. There is not excuse for his sociopathic behavior. On top of the whole situation, it is incredible that his stepfather, Herman Echevarria, feels that this is not violent. The family should not be defending him this way. It is such a shame. No values.

  6. Irma says

    This is disgusting, but it is no wonder that these kids were brought up thinking they are above the law and everybody that has less money than they do. He was obviously brought up thinking he could do no wrong and never taught the difference from right or wrong.

  7. Marie says

    He is a sicko, so is the hooker mother. Married for money. Bravo needs to take action. I can believe his parents don’t think it was a violent crime