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Channel 6er Fired Over Trayvon Flop Finds a Job!


Channel 6er Fired Over Trayvon Flop Finds a Job!

NBC6's Jeff Burnside

NBC 6’s Jeff Burnside, at the Broward station earlier this year (via Facebook)

Award-winning former WTVJ-Channel 6 reporter Jeff Burnside, fired by the Broward-based station in April for his role in the misleading editing of alleged Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman‘s 911 call, has found a new job!

Burnside is starting today as an investigative reporter at ABC affiliate KOMO in Seattle, according to the TV industry website

Burnside has yet to comment about the move, but the gig allows him to return to his native Seattle to work.

Incidentally, Burnside joins a staff that includes Kristyn Caddell, another South Florida TV star shipped to the Left Coast after some trouble.

Former WPTV-Channel 5 reporter left West Palm Beach’s NBC affiliate last year in the wake of a sex scandal exposed by the National Enquirer. Caddell was outed as the other woman in the life of married To Catch a Predator correspondent Chris Hansen.

Meanwhile, it’s a good thing Burnside is getting a steady paycheck.

His divorce from well-known Miami photographer Elaine Hazlett was finalized days after his firing. According to court records, he has to come up with $2,500 a month in alimony.

Burnside, however, may not be safe from the repercussions of NBC’s airing of the Zimmerman call edited to make Zimmerman sound like a racist.

Zimmerman is about to file a defamation lawsuit against NBC, according to today’s New York Post. It’s unclear if Burnside will be named as defendant.

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