Sex Scandal Commish Sent Nudie Pix to Jailbird!

Boynton Beach Commissioner Marlene Ross

Nudie photos? Boynton Beach Commissioner Marlene Ross (Click for more photos of the comely commish)

That Boynton Beach Commissioner Marlene Ross emailed photos of herself naked to an ex-lover could be considered foolish to some.

That the lover, Rogelio Vera, is her first cousin makes South Florida sound like Tupelo, Mississippi.

Rogelio Vera

Boynton Beach politician Marlene Ross’ cousin, and lover Rogelio Vera. This is booking photo from one of his most recent arrests (Click on the picture for more)

But that Ross picked the 48-year-old Vera — all of people — for her sexual fantasies makes this scandal mindboggling!

Vera, you see, is a convicted felon with an extensive criminal record that includes the possession and sale of cocaine!

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Gossip Extra reviewed Vera’s record and found that Vera was arrested at least nine times in Palm Beach County over the past 20 years, and once on a federal drug sale charge!

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Just this past May, Vera was picked up for possession of cocaine and driving without a valid license. That case is still pending.

Vera’s record shows:

— Guilty plea for possession of cocaine, 6/26/1991

— Guilty plea for grand theft and order to pay back $47,033.75 to a victim in Pennsylvania, 4/01/1994

— Guilty of cocaine possession, 2/26/1996

— Guilty of driving with a suspended license, September 1996

— Guilty plea for possession of cocaine, 3/13/1997

— Guilty plea for possession of cocaine, 8/13/2010

— Arrested for battery and grand larceny on a victim older than 65, the case was not prosecuted

— Guilty plea for driving with a suspended license, 3/07/2012

Vera, according to county records, is also in the sights of the Internal Revenue Service. Uncle Sam claims Vera owes as much as $313,592.74 in back taxes.

Federal records also show Vera was released from a federal penitentiary in 2007 after a drug conviction.

Neither Ross nor Vera responded to requests for an interview.

Published reports this morning cite records showing that Ross was interviewed by investigators with the State Attorney’s Office about alleged pressures on Ross to vote on certain issues.

Ross told investigators she was afraid lobbyist David Katz would use the photos if she didn’t vote in favor of his pet projects.

Prosecutors, however, decided not to pursue the criminal allegations.

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  1. Butinski says

    Interesting that Roger Vera is Jose Rodriguez’s BFF. Could be a package deal for the big house with Josie Boy’s trial on October 25th? Ross might have been working Rodriguez and Vera for a sweet three way being that besties like to share….I am just saying.

  2. Bob says

    Why would anyone want to stay in office, knowing what is going to happen next. What is going to happen next is Ms. Ross will have to constantly deal with ridicule, embarrassment, questionable looks, sneers, finger pointing and remarks, etc… She will be laughed at, stared at and made fun of. She is going to go through this because that’s the way people are. It’s human nature to be this way. And this is going to be unavoidable. This has nothing to do with judging her, this has to do with being made a laughing stock. There’s no law against people walking by her and laughing at her. There’s no law against people staring at her and shaking their head.

    So in other words, she would rather live with this for the remainder of her term??? Give yourself a break Ms. Ross. Don’t try to be a martyr for a worthless cause. You are not standing up for women. You are not standing up for your integrity because you don’t have any after the shame you have put yourself through. You admitted what you did in private and now we all know about it. It was DISGUSTING and that is a normal response for the public to have about you….PERIOD! So if this is what you want, then fine! Deal with it! You got a few more years left so enjoy the ride. But don’t blame us if you go to bed every night and cry yourself to sleep. Just RESIGN and move on. Because if I do see you out in public, I will shake my head and wonder what is wrong with you! And I have every right to do that! Just like you have every right to “fight the good fight” so to speak.

    Although there is nothing good in what you are fighting for. Regardless of whether or not the situation with Katz was warranted and you were afraid of what he might do, you still have to OWN up to your dirty laundry being aired to the public. The right thing to do is to resign quietly and move on with your life.

    And for anyone that says, “this is your personal business and what you do behind closed doors is none of our business”, I have got news for anyone and everyone that says that. ONCE AN ACT IS AIRED TO THE PUBLIC AND THE PUBLIC NOW HAS KNOWLEDGE OF IT….IT NO LONGER IS YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS. IT BELONGS TO THE PUBLIC NOW BECAUSE YOU ARE A PUBLIC SERVANT. JUST LIKE TIM MAHONEY, JUST LIKE MARK FOLEY, JUST LIKE ANTHONY WEINER, ETC…. The list goes on and on and it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican. You want to do disgusting things in your PRIVATE LIFE….you better make sure it never becomes PUBLIC! Bottom line is….if we never found out about anything from anyone’s private life…then they would be free to continue as they please, with no ridicule or shame.