Lexxus Hangs up Her Love Doctors Microphone!

The Love Doctors Dr. Glenn, Lexxus and Dr. Rich

The Love Doctors Dr. Glenn (left), Lexxus and Dr. Rich (Special to Gossip Extra)

Lexxus, the sexy member of WZZR-94.3 FM’s Love Doctors for seven years, stunned the audience moments ago by announcing she’s leaving the show at 7 p.m. tonight.

It actually sounds like she may be leaving radio for good to spend more time with her new husband and her daughter.

Lexxus has been on-the-air at the Clear Channel station for 13 years, including seven with then-station star Josh Cohen. Cohen was axed from the daily lineup earlier this year.

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Lexxus, meanwhile, sounded like she was about to cry, reminding Rich, Glenn and Dano that she’d been working on the talk show for most of her adult life.

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Lexxus faulted the recent changes in the station lineup as the reason for her decision. The show now airs from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., two hours later than in the previous schedule.

“The changes took me out of realm as far as my daughter is concerned,” Lexxus said, adding that she only gets to see the girl for an hour a day. “It’s not enough time to be in her life.

“I’d rather be broke, busted and disgusted and see my family rather than not seeing them.”

Lexxus’ saddness about her departure, however, seemed to vanish after Dr. Rich told her: “We need some new meat in here.”

Click on the player below to listen to the announcement:

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    • Copper Thief says

      This is a great station, if your Deaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      There is no more radio talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Tim says

    In my opinion,the show will be much better without her. Rich and Glen ran an entertaining,quick witted show for years without her. She was unnecessary. I’d like to see what the advertising revenue for the Love Doctors does now,HIgher quality advertisers willing to pay more for a spot now that the monkey wrench has been removed from the machinery. Good riddance.

  2. A 1911 SHOOTER says

    Its a GREAT DAY !!

    The show has been going down hill for years, I listened off and on since their Gator days, more so when Neil Rogers left the air. Lexus I am sure is nice but adding “hi honey” “oh yeah” and “uh huh ” to a talk show is not really adding anything. Why does every radio show have to have to have “the hot chick w/bi tendencies” of course?. News flash nobody cares.

    Now get rid of that abortion from 10-2 which is literally painful to anyone that is not a degenerate gambler.

  3. Chuck says

    Personally, I miss the days when it was just Rich, Glen, and a produce but it’s sad to see anyone lose their job. Although it was her decision to leave…

    She certainly had her moments and at times brought some good humor to the show but it just wasn’t a great fit. The Doc’s work better as a pair and Dano is a great co-host. All-in-all, I think the show is better with the boys. Hopefully Lexxus will find her niche and I wish her nothing but the best. Love her or hate her, she is a genuinely good person and it’s sad to see her go.

  4. Crooked Cop Hater says

    As irritating as Lexxus could be most times, if this is the REAL reason for her leaving, I give her HUGE props for choosing family over ‘fame’. Thanks, Jose, for posting the audio on your site. She didn’t sound fake, nor bitter. I’ve certainly made my share of ‘Cats in the Cradle’ mistakes as a parent when my child was young and if I could go back, I would have worked MUCH less.

    I wish her much happiness in her future life and at 38 years old, this is an excellent life-choice to make. Hurry up and have more babies, tho….the clock is about to break!

    And yes, I often thought she was a bad mix with the Doc’s but it was what it was and the show was still the best thing on terrestrial radio. And, I agree – get rid of that degenerate gambler jerk-off. He has no talent and can only talk about how great he is. I’d rather have 24/7 of Lexxus than 5 minutes of The Greek bragging on his stupid pimp life.

  5. Tom McCormack says

    I lived in Fl for twelve years and the Docs were always a big part of my day. Adding Lexxus never did anything for me. If Rich was out or both Docs were I never listened. I moved to Ne York in 2007 and listened via the Internet. I became more of a Josh listener soon after that. Good luck to Lexxus and bring back Josh Cohen.

  6. Edmond Eversley says

    I’m glad she’s gone. All she bought to the show was bull—- ! To her it was all about her but it wasn’t. I used to turn down my radio when she started rambling. The truth of the matter is she was fired by the company. Na na na na. Good bye !

  7. bob says

    Thank God Lexxus is gone. I actually quit listning to the show as a am sure many others have done. Leah is OK but the show would be better with just the guys.

    I must also add that the 10-2 show is some of the worst radio I have everr heard! I tried to listen but the “Greek” is intolerable. All he does is talk about himself and how great he is! He has no value whatsoever and has no talent and is not funny at all. Francis just gilles and has someof the same issues the greek has. PAAACCEE!!